All Universities in Tianjin (天津)

Tianjin Medical University (天津医科大学)

About the university Location: Tianjin, China Official full name – Tianjin Medical University Traditional Chinese name is 天津医科大学 Abbreviated – TMU or TMU State Tianjin Medical University is the first medical institution in China approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and recognized by the WHO. The TMU campus is an urban-type […]

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Tianjin University 天津大学 (天津大學)

About the university Location: Tianjin, China Tianjin University was opened at the end of the 19th century, in 1895. It is one of the oldest universities in China and is still popular with local and international students. The main fields of study here are engineering, humanities, Chinese philology and arts. The campus is located in Tianjin,

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Tianjin Foreign Studies University (天津外国语大学)

About the university Location: Tianjin, China Official specialized name – Tianjin Foreign Studies University The traditional name in Chinese is 天津外国语大学 Abbreviated – TJFSU Tianjin State University of Foreign Languages ​​is a key educational institution under the Tianjin Municipality and specializes in advanced language and cultural studies. TJFSU offers a wide range of language programs for

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Nankai University (南开大学)

About the university Location: Tianjin, China Nankai University is located in Tianjin City. It was created in 1919 and has become quite popular in China during its history. The university has 17 faculties, a rich library and all conditions for training specialists of the widest profile. Since 1954, Nankai University began to accept foreign students for

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