Beijing Film Academy (BFA) 北京电影学院

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

Beijing Film Academy (影电影学院) – The world-recognized higher educational institution of the PRC, the largest university in Asia, specializing in formation in the field of cinema and televisibility.

The Academy was established in May 1950 as the Institute of Executive Art and was in the departmental submission of the Bureau of Cinematography under the Ministry of Culture of the PRC. In 1953, the Institute was renamed the Beijing Film School, and since the summer of 1955, after another status change, he is called the Beijing Film Academy. In 1989, an international school of the Academy emerged at its base, in 1999 – a research center for information.


The Academy provides for a specialty, undergraduate, graduate school, graduate school and doctoral studies, prepare on which the following departments are carried out:

Department of Arts (Directions: Cinema and Television Technologies; Filmorezhissar)
Department of Cinema Theory (Direction: Cinema)
Department of Production and Art Management (Directions: Film Management; Distribution of Films)
Department of Cinematography (Directions: Cameracks; Photography)
Department of Cinema and Scenic Business (Directions: Cinema Studies; Scenario Mastery)
Department of sound recording
The academy head campus is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Hyidyan, where most Beijing universities are loking. Students live in single and double rooms.

One of the strengths of the Academy is a huge number of objects belonging to it. Thus, the list of research centers includes a publisher of audiovisual media, a library, a technology study center and digital art, a scientific periodical publishing house, an experimental laboratory of film and television, a center for television programs, a center of theoretical surveys, youth film studio.

The level of filtering and selection of applicants to the academy is one of the highest in China and the world. Of the more than 100,000 coming annually, a maximum of 400-500 students is credited annually. The reception process occurs, as a rule, in February-March; Entrance examinations include subject tests and a national humanitarian exam. Foreigners wishing to study at the Beijing Film Academy may contact the International Training Center in order to apply for enrollment on the English-language program. Just a year, up to 15 foreign graduate students are gaining.


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