Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (西安建筑科技大学)

About the university

Location: Xi’an, China

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology began operating in 1956 (formed in 1895). Today, it is one of the key institutions in the country, where disciplines recognized as important for the development of the Chinese state are taught.

In addition to the main focus of education (natural science and construction), a modern university develops humanitarian education. For foreigners, a Chinese Language Study Center has been established, which is considered one of the most successful in the PRC.

University ranking and benefits

The university is one of the key educational institutions in the region. The institute is awarded with national prizes and is supported by the state. The main advantages of studying here are:

  • The presence of a unique educational system “1 + 1”: Chinese and foreign students work in pairs, helping each other with their studies.
  • Preparing for the HSK of any level: graduates show excellent results every year.
  • A variety of language programs.

The study of the culture and language of the Middle Kingdom takes place in the ancient city of Xi’an, famous for its ancient sights and tourist sites. It helps students to better understand the national identity of the Chinese people.

Composition and infrastructure

More than 25,000 students are trained at the university, the number of teachers reaches almost 2,500. Special emphasis is placed on intercultural ties, which are actively being established at the moment.

A library and a sports hall, classes for practical classes, etc. are equipped for students. The total area of ​​the campus is more than 310 hectares, it is equipped in a traditional Asian style, where a lot of attention is paid to vegetation.

Admission and tuition fees

Those wishing to take a linguistic course at a university should be sent there:

  • copy of your passport;
  • a copy of the school certificate;
  • a copy of the certificate of no criminal record.

The course is designed for adult students. If the applicant is under the age of 18 at the start of the program, he should find a guardian among Chinese citizens.

The cost of the courses is 14,000 yuan ($ 2,163) per year of study.

Studying programs

Despite the fact that the institute has many areas of study, applicants from abroad are offered, first of all, language courses. They brought the university a special popularity among students of the Chinese language and culture.

On the basis of the university, short-term, intensive and long-term programs are being implemented. Classes are conducted under the supervision of experienced teachers who not only introduce students to the basics of grammar, but also develop conversational skills. This enables students to take the HSK exam.


In a modern university, there are 16 faculties, most of which are associated with construction and industrial specialties. It is here that training is conducted for enterprises in the northern region of China. Foreign students are assigned a place in the international department, which is run by the Center for Work with Foreigners. Here, the main place is given to the study of Chinese as a foreign language.


Students of the international faculty are offered accommodation in a hostel with all amenities. Rooms are designed for two people, each of whom pays 40 rmb ($ 6) per day. You can cook in the shared kitchen; the university also has its own food network: a student card is issued with a student card, which the student pays for food.

Those wishing to stay at the hostel are required to leave a deposit of 500 yuan ($ 77), which is returned upon check-out.



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