Wuhan University of Technology (武汉理工大学)

About the university

Location: Wuhan, China

Wuhan University of Technology, known worldwide as Wuhan University of Technology, opened in 1948. Today it is a multi-profile university located in one of the largest cities in China. Here, not only specialists in the field of engineering, computer and natural sciences are trained (although the emphasis is on these disciplines), but also future managers, businessmen, administrators, linguists, etc. The school for the study of Chinese as a foreign language is especially distinguished, which is famous for its high level of preparation.

University ranking and benefits

The university is included in the list of the 50 best educational institutions in China. As a member of Project 211, the institute regularly improves its performance and every year attracts more and more students. Several times in a row, Wuhan University of Technology became the best educational institution in Hubei province.

The main advantages of the university for foreign students are:

  • Established contacts with universities in China and other countries where you can take internships.
  • Active scientific activity, taking place on the basis of 27 research centers.
  • Availability of bachelor’s and master’s programs in English.
  • Minimum requirements for applicants and several scholarship programs for citizens of Kazakhstan.
  • A wide range of specialties, many of which are unique and taught in just a few universities in China, including Wuhan University of Technology.

Living and studying in Wuhan will be a great opportunity to start an overseas career. The city is a modern metropolis and the largest transport hub in the Middle Kingdom, so various events related to science, business, sports, education, etc. are regularly held here.

Composition and infrastructure

Today, the total number of university students reaches 50,000 thousand. Among the students there are also foreigners who have arrived from more than 30 countries. The university has assembled an experienced teaching staff, which includes foreign specialists. This allows you to combine the traditions of the Chinese and European approaches to education.

The institute has a large, well-equipped campus, where students can comfortably spend extracurricular time. The real pride of the university is the library, which has more than 2 million publications on various topics. Also, students have the opportunity to relax in park areas, play sports on equipped grounds and eat in canteens and cafeterias right on the campus.

Admission and tuition fees

Applicants wishing to enroll in Wuhan University of Technology must meet a number of requirements. They must be of legal age (the minimum age for language programs is 16), have good health and a school certificate or diploma confirming that they have a previous level of education. Those who want to study in Chinese will require the HSK exam results.

The cost of the programs is as follows:

  • Language courses – from 8500 yuan (about $ 1450), depending on the length of study.
  • Undergraduate – from 18,000 to 25,000 yuan (about $ 3050 – $ 4250).
  • Master’s degree – from 23,000 to 34,000 yuan (about $ 3940 – $ 5800).
  • Doctorate – from 32,000 to 45,000 yuan (about $ 5470 – $ 7700).

In this case, you will have to pay an additional registration fee of 500 yuan (about $ 85), which is not refundable even if the university has not accepted the applicant’s candidacy.


As a member of government development projects, Wuhan University of Technology is under the control of the Chinese Ministry of Education. This allows you to use several financing options for foreigners. Most international students study on a university scholarship. In addition, applicants who have received a grant from the Confucius Institute or the Government of China can be accepted. All options are detailed on the website of the PRC Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan and on the official website of the university.

Studying programs

The university offers applicants from other countries training at several levels at once. This allows those who wish to study in the system of continuing education. Available are:

  • Language classes
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s degree
  • Doctorate.

If we talk about specialties, then only for undergraduates there are more than 150 of them. Traditionally, the emphasis is on the study of natural sciences and engineering technologies, however, MBA programs are also available specifically for future businessmen and workers in international trade.


Wuhan University of Technology consists of separate schools, each of which is associated with a specific area of ​​education. Among them are such areas as:

  • transport;
  • mechanical and electrical engineering;
  • information engineering;
  • computer science and technology;
  • automation;
  • logistics engineering;
  • chemistry, chemical engineering and life science;
  • management;
  • politics and governance;
  • foreign languages;
  • business.

The list of programs taught in English at each of the faculties is expanding annually.


International students are guaranteed a place in one of the hostels on campus. A choice of single or double rooms with private facilities. The cost of placement per year is:

  • Single room – 12,000 yuan (about $ 2050).
  • Double room – 7500 Yuan (about $ 1250) or 8400 Yuan (about $ 1440) depending on the case.

The average cost of living in Wuhan is roughly RMB 1,500-2,300 (about $ 250 – $ 390) per month.



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