University of Science and Technology Beijing (北京科技大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

University of Science and Technology Beijing has been operating for more than sixty years and belongs to the public education system of the PRC. Developments in the field of metals, alloys and other materials actively used in industry have brought particular popularity to the university.

Hundreds of applicants from China and other countries come here every year. To work with foreign applicants, a special International Center was created, which provides guests of the capital with everything they need and helps them to better assimilate Chinese culture and establish relationships with local students.

University ranking and benefits

The university is considered one of the most successful educational institutions in Asia. Its graduates successfully work in various industries at leading enterprises in China. The area of ​​materials science is especially developed here.

The main advantages of the Polytechnic University for foreign students are the following:

  • The opportunity to combine the study of the basics of the Chinese language with obtaining a specialty that is in demand all over the world.
  • Many options for practical activities in specialized industrial institutions.
  • A chance to participate in exchange programs with partner universities in various countries.

The diploma of this university is freely accepted all over the world and will help graduates get a good job upon graduation.

Composition and infrastructure

This institute provides educational services not only at the undergraduate and graduate level, but also postgraduate, doctoral and even post-doctoral studies. Also, the university has connections with more than 80 educational institutions around the world.

In addition, the university has several separate training centers (including for foreign students), many laboratories equipped for practical training, more than forty research centers. There is also a library where you can find all the information you need to study in different languages.

Admission and tuition fees

Requirements for applicants depend on what type of program they choose:

Type of program Duration Required documents Cost
Summer language courses 4 weeks
  • Secondary education document.
  • Health certificate.
3280 rmb (565$)
Long-term language courses 1-4 semesters
  • Copy of your international passport.
  • Education document and its copy (with notarization).
  • Health certificate.
  • A completed application form.
8200 rmb ($ 1415) per semester
Undergraduate 4 years
  • Document on
    secondary education. 
  • Health certificate.
  • Chinese language proficiency test result.
21320 – 22960 rmb ($ 3675 – $ 3960) per year
Master 2-3 years
  • Document on complete secondary education with translation.
  • Chinese language proficiency test result.
  • Health certificate.
27880 – 31160 rmb ($ 4810 – $ 5375) per year

Applicants who have not reached the age of majority must also provide information about the guardian (Chinese citizen, registered and officially employed in Beijing) who will be responsible for them.

Study materials, accommodation and registration fee are paid additionally.


Like other public universities, the Polytechnic Institute is the spokesman for the Chinese Government’s International Student Funding Program. The size of the grant does not always fully cover the cost of the curriculum, however, it can provide applicants with some of the necessary funds and help them navigate the first time they live in Beijing.

Studying programs

Applicants from other countries, including Kazakhstan, can apply for the following programs:

  • Summer language courses.
  • Long term language courses.
  • Bachelor’s programs: available for any specialties of the faculties “Management and Economics”, “Software”, “Computer Engineering and Informatics”, “Biotechnology”, “Mechanics”, “Mechanical Engineering and Automation”, “Informatics”, “Science of Materials”, “Chemical technology and the environment”, “Design and art”, “Humanities and social sciences”.
  • Master’s degree: also available for any specialty of faculties that accept foreign applicants to the “Bachelor” level.

All programs are available in Chinese.


To date, the following faculties function on the basis of the university:

  • Mechanical engineering and automation.
  • Mechanics.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Informatics.
  • Computer technology and informatics.
  • Humanities and social sciences.
  • Software.
  • Materials Science.
  • Chemical technology and the environment.
  • Design and art.
  • Management and Economics.

Experienced teachers work in each of the areas, most of whom have some kind of scientific degree. Many educators are among China’s distinguished educators. They also all have certificates and licenses that allow them to teach Chinese as a foreign language.


International students are offered two types of accommodation to choose from:

  1. Simple room: double room with shared facilities. The cost is 620 rmb per month (about $ 100).
  2. Standard room: Superior double room with private toilet and shower, TV, air conditioning, telephone and Wi-Fi connection. The cost is about 1670 rmb per month (about $ 285).


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