Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (北京建筑大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture, abbreviated – BUCE & A is a fairly significant huge educational institution, which consists of two large-scale campuses. The university is fully supported by the Beijing government and major architectural companies. BUCE & A is one of the main leading top-class universities in engineering, architecture and various technical specialties.

The multidisciplinary Peking University of Architecture has been operating since 1936, when it was called the Professional College of Construction of the PRC. In 1977, it was renamed the National University by the Chinese government and transferred to comprehensive government funding. Since 2004, the institution has been issued a permanent license for the right to teach foreign citizens in English. The Chinese Ministry of Education considers BUCE & A to be one of the best educational institutions for the training of highly qualified world-class specialists in the field of architecture.

University ranking and advantages

Peking University of Civil Architecture and Construction participates in an international student exchange program with high scores in subjects. Students receive the right to practice in any country in the world, since the university cooperates with most well-known educational institutions that are located on the territory of other states.

The main advantages of BUCE & A University:

  • close cooperation with leading world universities;
  • direct participation in major construction projects in Beijing;
  • the possibility of training in English;
  • high rating positions in the world;
  • the campus is located in a green area in the center of Beijing.

Peking University of Architecture is a long-term member of the PROJECT 211 and 985 programs, which indicates the active investment of public funds in the development of the educational process. The Chinese Ministry of Education and Science is making every effort to keep BUCE & A at the forefront of the ranking of the global community. Due to this, university graduates are appreciated all over the world as highly qualified specialists in architectural and construction activities.

University composition and infrastructure

The infrastructure of BUCE & A University is quite developed and has many academic buildings. The University has created a successful local network on an area of ​​more than 133,000 square meters, where students are provided with a modern technical base for teaching, research and international management.

The full composition of BUCE & A University:

more than 900 teachers, of which about 250 are professors and senior lecturers;
more than 20 teachers from the USA, Germany, England and other developed countries;
12,000 students, of whom there are more than 550 foreign students from 55 countries.
The Beijing Architectural University has the most modern online library, which contains 400,000 volumes of books in various fields in electronic and paper form. Each student has the right to visit the library at any convenient time.

Admission and tuition fees

Admission to the Peking University of Architecture is based on the legislative basis provided by the Ministry of Education of China. A nonresident student must provide the admissions committee with a Certificate (11 classes) in English and an international standard passport. Applicants who have a high average score in subjects and have reached the age of 18 are automatically enrolled in the 1st year of the Bachelor’s program with English training. It is not necessary to have an HSK certificate.

The cost of the full course of study:

  • language courses – 9,700 yuan / semester;
  • in English (Bachelor’s degree) – 22,000 yuan / year;
  • in Chinese (Bachelor’s degree) – 20,000 yuan / year;
  • in Chinese or English (Master’s degree) – from 33,000 yuan;
  • registration fee is one-time 400 yuan.

Students are provided with several advanced research centers, laboratories, sports stadiums and grounds, a library, a cozy hostel, a canteen, and a cafe at their full disposal.


The Beijing Ministry of Education provides grants to international students that qualify for a discount of 100% and 50% of the full total cost, as well as a full scholarship. Grants are awarded on an individual basis only to those students who have a high passing grade in subjects and a corresponding IFP result. The provided discount gives the right not only to free or preferential education, but also to free accommodation in a hostel.

Studying programs

Beijing State University of Architecture provides students with a course of study in such areas as:

  • civil engineering;
  • industrial engineering;
  • architecture;
  • automation of mechanical engineering;
  • business administration;
  • economics and law.

The full Bachelor’s course at BUCE & A is 4 years, while all architectural specialties are 5 years. Master’s degree – 3 years (training is conducted in both Chinese and English).


National Peking University of Architecture provides overseas citizens with specialized profile training in a variety of specialties.

List of areas of specialties BUCE & A:

  • economics and Management;
  • design and construction;
  • geodesy and cartography;
  • Information Systems;
  • construction of engineering structures;
  • marketing and business administration;
  • electrical engineering and automation;
  • computer technology and modern informatics;
  • industrial engineering and international project management.

The most popular among foreign students is the specialty – “Business Management” at the English-language faculty “Economics and Construction Management”.


BUCE & A provides foreign students with a hostel, which is distinguished by cozy equipped hotel-type rooms for 2 or 3 people. The cost of paid accommodation ranges from 30 to 100 yuan per day per person, depending on the selected room, where there is a combined or separate bathroom. A complete kitchen-dining room for self-catering, as well as a room with washing machines are shared for common use. Students can eat on their own or visit the dining room, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the hostel and academic buildings.


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