Beijing Youth Politics Colledge

(Beijing Youth Politics Colledge) is a higher education institution located in the capital of China and controlled by the local Ministry of Education. The main focus of the educational process is on international cooperation. A lot of foreign students from the CIS countries, Great Britain, Russia, the USA and other countries study at the Institute.

University ranking and benefits

The advantages of the university include the following:

  • The recruitment of applicants is carried out without passing an exam in the knowledge of the Chinese language (this saves a whole year, which is usually spent on linguistic courses).
  • The institute has bilingual programs (Chinese + English).
  • The university helps international students to fully immerse themselves in the local culture.
  • There are several options for higher education to choose from: short-term language courses, bachelor’s degree, professional three-year education.

Affordable tuition fees.

For many years, the institute has been ranked among the best educational institutions in China, especially popular among foreign students.

Composition and infrastructure

Like other Chinese higher education institutions, the Institute of Youth Policy has a large campus, where there is everything for a comfortable stay of students. In addition to the faculties themselves, the university hosts a sports ground, a canteen where you can buy local or Muslim cuisine, a library and a reading room (including those with electronic resources).

All audiences and lecture halls are equipped with the latest technology.

Admission and tuition fees

A very big advantage of the educational institution is that 11th grade graduates are admitted to admission, i.e. minors. For admission to the entrance examinations, it is enough to have a school leaving certificate.

All underage applicants need a guardian in China who will be responsible for them. Guardianship can be arranged directly through the institute, paying about $ 300 for this. Additionally, applicants must provide a certificate of a satisfactory level of health.

Students entering the International Economics specialty must obtain an IELTS certificate with a score of at least 3.0.

The cost of training is from $ 3000 per year, excluding living expenses, meals, etc.


The university is included in the list of educational institutions to which the scholarship of the Government of the PRC applies (you must apply for it separately). Also, for extremely high academic performance, students can receive monetary rewards from the institute itself (available from the second year at the university).

Studying programs

The most popular program is “Chinese language and culture”, upon completion of which the student receives a translator’s diploma (which is not equivalent to a European bachelor’s degree).

Many applicants are interested in the program in the specialty “International Economics”. Its important advantage is the ability to continue studying at the University of Plymouth in the UK. However, upon admission, prospective students will have to demonstrate knowledge of both Chinese and English.

Linguistic programs should be mentioned separately, the main of which is “Chinese as a foreign language”. All classes are conducted by professional teachers in small groups (maximum 15 people). The main principle of teaching is an individual approach to each student.


The institute has several faculties of various orientations. Among them, the following specialties can be distinguished:

  • Chinese;
  • psychology of youth;
  • art;
  • management;
  • English language;
  • computer science;
  • international economics and business;
  • Social sciencies.

All departments employ only experienced teachers, many of whom have a scientific degree. Each teacher is licensed to teach Chinese to foreigners.


A comfortable campus is specially equipped for foreign students on the territory of the institute. The rooms offer triple occupancy and are equipped with everything you need, including even a bathroom with shower, TV and air conditioning. Also, each floor has a shared kitchen and washing machine. Accommodation on campus will cost about $ 2800 per year.

Students can use all university facilities, which include a library, gym, sports field and others.

It is important to note that during the winter break (Chinese New Year), foreign students cannot stay in the hostel.

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