University of International Relations (国际关系学院)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

(University of International Relations) has been working in the Chinese capital for almost seventy years. During this time, he graduated hundreds of specialists in various specialties: administration and management, linguistics (Japanese, Chinese, English and other languages), law, information systems, etc.

University ranking and benefits

The university is considered one of the best in China and has a high rating among both local applicants and visitors. The traditions of teaching Chinese here are associated not only with the mechanical memorization of vocabulary, hieroglyphs and grammatical rules, but also with full immersion in the special culture of the country.

Among all the institutions that specialize in the study of the Chinese language with foreigners, the University of International Relations stands out for its comfortable learning and living conditions. So, the standard of hours is 20 hours per week for a regular course and 30 for an intensive course. All the remaining time, students can devote to getting to know the Chinese capital, attending cultural events, etc. Classes are taught in small groups, allowing teachers to focus on the special needs of each student. Also, all international students live in a special comfortable hostel.

Composition and infrastructure

A separate department within the University is engaged in the education of foreign students. Experienced teachers work here, who have been communicating with students from foreign countries for many years and using the most progressive methods when working with them. There is a huge library at the service of all those who entered the university, where you can find all the necessary information, a full set of necessary manuals and all the institutions on the campus (gym, walking places, various sections and clubs, etc.).

Admission and tuition fees

The university offers fairly democratic requirements for citizens of Kazakhstan who want to become participants in one of the educational programs. The only conditions are adult age and secondary education.
The cost of training will be as follows:

Course duration Course type Price
2 weeks Usual 2200 yuan (380$)
2 weeks Intensive 3300 yuan (570$)
3 weeks Usual 3200 yuan (550$)
3 weeks Intensive 4800 yuan (825$)
4 weeks Usual 4000 yuan (690$)
4 weeks Intensive 6000 yuan (1050$)
5 weeks Usual 4800 yuan (825$)
5 weeks Intensive 7200 yuan (1240$)
6 weeks Usual 5500 yuan (945$)
6 weeks Intensive 8100 yuan (1400$)
8 weeks Usual 7050 yuan (1215$)
8 weeks Intensive 10800 yuan (1860$)
12 weeks Usual 9600 yuan (1655$)
12 weeks Intensive 14500 yuan (2500$)

At the same time, accommodation, meals and personal expenses are not included in the indicated cost.

Studying programs

The university has two types of programs available to international students:

  • Short term language program;
  • Long term language program.

Students are provided with all the necessary teaching materials and can use the library and other resources of the university.


The university has several faculties related to modern areas of international relations and related, first of all, to the study of foreign languages, economics, law, etc. The International Faculty is represented by students who study Chinese at different levels. Many of them, having passed the language proficiency exam, later enter other universities in China, but already for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Especially for foreign students, the university offers superior accommodation. It can be either a place in a double room or a separate studio. The cost of living starts from 75 yuan per day (about $ 12) in the case of a long-term program and ends with 280 yuan per day (about $ 50) for a comfortable studio, where the student will stay for no more than 15 days.

For those who wish to study at a university for less than two months, all utilities, use of a shared kitchen and a washing machine are already included in the cost of housing. Additionally, they only have to pay for telephone calls (50 yuan per month). For participants in longer programs, utilities must be paid additionally.


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