Peking University HSBC Business School (北京大学汇丰商学院)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

Founded in 2004 as the Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, HSBC Business School is today an educational institution that is popular not only in China but also abroad. It has connections with 108 partners around the world (including universities in the UK, Singapore, America, etc.) and prepares professionals in the field of economics, finance and credit.

At the moment, there were already 180 foreign students from 50 countries of the world studying here. After graduation, they all pursue careers in leading business companies of various profiles.

University ranking and benefits

The university rightfully bears the title of the leading business school in China. The main benefits of learning here include the following:

  • A chance to network with and learn from top-notch business professionals.
  • Getting an idea of ​​how real business processes are going in the largest economic centers of the world.
  • An opportunity to combine studies in Europe and in China.
  • Employment within three months after graduation.

The HSBC Business School diploma is quoted in all countries and opens the doors of companies leading in its sector to its holder.

Composition and infrastructure

The main campus is located in the south of China in the city of Shenzhen. The proximity to Guangzhou and Hong Kong, two of Asia’s largest business centers, makes this location extremely beneficial for student practice.

An important stage in the development of the university was the opening of a branch in the UK. This brought the university to a new international level and made it possible to attract leading world specialists to the educational process.

Also, the business school has ten research institutes, where experiments and observations are carried out under the guidance of professors from leading European and American universities.

Admission and tuition fees

Any adult citizen of a foreign state with a bachelor’s degree in a similar field can apply for a place in a business school. It is also necessary to confirm the knowledge of the English language at the appropriate level (they accept the results as TOEFL – from 80 points and IELTS – from 6.5). Knowledge of Chinese will be an additional plus.

The cost of master’s programs is 60,000 yuan per year (about $ 10,350) in the case of studying in Shenzhen. Education in the UK is more expensive and will cost you £ 12,000 a year.


The HSBC School of Business offers two types of grants that foreign nationals can apply for. The first one is given by the university itself and covers either the full tuition or half of it. The second scholarship is paid by the Government of the People’s Republic of China. She does not pay the full cost of the program, but she helps international students to set up a considered and improve their life in China.

Studying programs

Today, the business school offers the following program options for foreign applicants:

  • “Finance” (MA).
  • “Management” (MA).
  • Economics (MA).
  • MBA program.
  • “Finance and Management” (MA UK-China).

The latter involves two years of training. Students spend the first year in the UK, and the second in China, learning the best business traditions of both countries.

All five programs use English as the main language of instruction, but at the same time take into account the regional characteristics of the Asian markets. It helps graduates gain a complete understanding of today’s global economy.


There are no faculties as such at the university, as in any business school. The educational process includes many lectures from representatives of various companies, conducting research in such areas as entrepreneurship, marketing theory, risk management, business companies, etc.

The faculty is the special pride of the university. It includes 61 people with doctoral degrees, including both Chinese citizens and foreigners. For example, the university works closely with the Nobel Prize laureate Professor Thomas Sargent, who conducts research at one of the local centers.


Accommodation is available for foreign students at the university campus. An active life is organized for students, many interest clubs and sections. University staff do their best to establish cultural exchange and make young people feel as comfortable as possible in China.


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