The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (宁波诺丁汉大学)

About the university

Location: Ningbo, China

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China is a unique educational institution located in China. This is the first foreign university that was officially opened on the territory of the Middle Kingdom. It is a branch of the world famous British Institute and brings together students from 55 countries.

The main campus is located in the city of Ningbo, in the coastal area. A classic place of residence is organized for students, which is as much like a European analogue of a university.

University ranking and benefits

The head office of the educational institution in England is ranked 17th in The Times ranking. The Chinese branch is extremely popular in the country as it offers full-cycle educational programs. This means that there is no need to go to study in the UK, a European-style diploma is issued after four years of undergraduate studies in Ningbo.

Other advantages of the university include:

  • Compliance with British educational standards.
  • Experienced teaching staff (including employees of the head office).
  • Availability of unique training programs (for example, “Pharmaceuticals” and other types of health care).
  • Reading lectures in classical English. Knowledge of Chinese is not required for admission!

The Institute participates in exchange programs with educational institutions around the world and gives students the opportunity to combine learning with travel.

Composition and infrastructure

Today, the number of university students is approximately 4000 people, with whom 300 teachers work. Among foreign students there are citizens of Europe, North and South America, etc. (from 55 countries in total).

The campus area covers an area of ​​almost 600 square meters. meters. It houses not only the main building and the hostel, but also a library, research centers, and numerous sports facilities.

Admission and tuition fees

Applicants from other countries are required to provide:

  • copies of the passport;
  • certificate / diploma from the previous place of study (average score – not less than 4.0);
  • language exam results: IELTS – 5.5 (not less than 5.0 for the writing part) / TOEFL – 525 (not less than 4.0 for the writing part) / TOEFL (IBT) – 71 (not less than 17 for each of the components).

The cost of the educational program depends on the chosen level:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English – 80,000 rmb ($ 12,900) per year.
  • Master’s degree in English – 90,000 rmb ($ 14,500) per year.

For some master’s programs, a reduced tuition fee of 80,000 rmb (or $ 12,900) is provided. The registration fee, the cost of training materials, living expenses, etc. are paid separately.


The university is private and is the official representative of a British institution. In this regard, Chinese funding is not offered to applicants. The university scholarship program extends to those writing at phD university.

Studying programs

The main stages of student preparation at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The first of them takes 4 years and makes it possible to obtain the following specialties:

  • “International relationships”.
  • “Enterprise Economics”.
  • “Management”.
  • “Architecture”.
  • “Applied Mathematics”.
  • “Informatics”.
  • “Machine building”.
  • “Electrical and Electronic Industry”.
  • “Designing the external environment”.

This list includes more than 30 more areas, most of which relate to the priority areas for China in the areas of electronics, exact sciences and IT-technologies.

Among the master’s programs, you can mention:

  • “Entrepreneurship”.
  • “International Business”.
  • “Finance and Investments”.
  • “Contemporary Sinology”.
  • “Applied Linguistics”.
  • “Modern communications”.
  • “International relations and world history”.
  • “International Management”.
  • “Modern higher education”.

The University of Nottingham is famous for offering unique 2 + 2 bachelor’s programs: the first two years, students study in China, and the next – in the UK. This approach operates in relation to selected specialties, more accurate information can be obtained on the official website of the educational institution.


The Chinese subsidiary retains its UK counterpart structure. It includes several scientific schools, including:

  • Faculty of Business.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The center for the study of the English language and the research institute are considered independent units, on the basis of which experiments and technical tests of scientific developments of students and teachers are carried out. A special subdivision is also doctoral studies.


Foreign students can live on the university campus, a five-minute walk from the main academic building. The place is assigned to them immediately after enrollment, so there are no problems with placement. 1-2 people live in the rooms. At the same time, the room has all the amenities: furniture, bathroom, telephone and Internet (extra charge). There is a kitchen and a laundry room on the floor.

Accommodation price is:

  • Building N11, single occupancy – 12000 rmb (1930 $) per year.
  • Building N12 (no kitchen), single occupancy – 4800 rmb ($ 775) per year.
  • Building N18, four-bed accommodation (each student has his own room, shared only living room and bathroom) – 9600 rmb ($ 1550) per year.

In the latter case, each room is equipped with its own kitchen with the necessary set of dishes, oven, multicooker, etc.


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