Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學)

About the university

Location: Guangzhou, China

Zhongshan University Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongsheng) was formerly called Guangdong University. In 2024, the institute will celebrate its centenary. During this time, many students of various profiles graduated from here, including pharmacists, doctors, managers, engineers, etc.

Geographically, the institute is located in the southern part of the country, not far from Hong Kong and Macau. This gives students the opportunity to establish numerous international contacts and practice in leading specialized organizations.

Today more than 80,000 students from both China and other countries study at the university. All conditions are created for foreign students to feel comfortable.

Rating and benefits

Zhongshan University is considered a fairly prestigious educational institution in the Middle Kingdom. It has a rich history and a large number of graduates who have become famous politicians, scientists, etc. Today, the university is considered one of the top 200 institutions in the world.

The main benefits of learning here include:

  • a large number of exchange programs;
  • a strong school of Chinese and English;
  • a variety of bachelor’s programs (including in English);
  • proximity to the main business centers in Asia: Hong Kong and Macau;
  • knowledge of Chinese is not required for admission;
  • assistance with employment after graduation.

Students from different countries have already appreciated the high level of education at this university and are successfully working in their specialty both in China itself and abroad.

Composition and infrastructure

The university has four campuses located in the cities of Guangzhou and Zhuhan. Their total area is almost 6,000 sq. m. The campus accommodates not only educational buildings and dormitories, but also laboratories and research centers, a library, reading and sports halls, etc.

Today, foreign students make up about 5% of all students. However, every year there are more and more of them, many are attracted by the high rating of the university and the opportunity to find a good job in the Asian region after receiving a diploma. There are about 3000 teachers among the staff of the institute, and many of them are foreign citizens. Thus, studying at the university allows you to learn the best aspects of different educational traditions.

Admission and tuition fees

The main requirements for applicants include:

  • the presence of a school certificate;
  • reaching the age of majority;
  • passing IELTS or TOEFL (for English-language programs);
  • passing HSK 4 or 5 (for studying in Chinese).

The approximate cost of education is presented in the table below:

Program type Cost
Language courses (standard) 8700 yuan (1300 $)
Language courses (annual) 17400 yuan (2650 $)
Undergraduate (Chinese) 18,200 – 33,000 RMB (2800 $ – 5050 $)
Undergraduate (English) 38,000 yuan ($ 5850)
Master’s (Chinese) 21,600 – 41,600 RMB ($ 3320 – $ 6400)

For undergraduate and graduate programs, the price depends on the specific specialty.


Since the university belongs to the state (public) type, applicants are allowed to apply for a grant from the Government of the PRC. In most cases, it is provided for those who are going to take Chinese as a foreign language. The package of documents must be sent directly to the scholarship website and not through the university portal.

Studying programs

The following programs are available for foreign applicants for admission:

  • Chinese (standard language course) – 1 semester, the beginning of training – February / September;
  • Chinese (long-term program) – 1 year, beginning of training – February / September;
  • Bachelor’s degree in English – 6 years, beginning of study – February / September;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chinese – 4-5 years, beginning of study – February / September;

Among the areas of training for a bachelor’s degree, the following can be distinguished:

  • Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Economy.
  • Finance.
  • History.
  • Archeology.
  • Anthropology.
  • Chinese language and literature.

The following directions are available for undergraduates:

  • Archeology.
  • Logistics management.
  • Anthropology.
  • History.
  • Medicine (in English).
  • English language and literature.
  • Finance.
  • Law.
  • Public relations.

Here is a far from complete list of directions that can be studied at Zhongshan University. For example, medicine is one of the specialized specialties of the bachelor’s degree, but it can only be taught in Chinese. The full list can be found on the university website.


The university has many faculties, graduates of which successfully find jobs every year. However, traditionally, the most developed areas of education at the Zhongshan Institute are:

  • “Arts and Humanities”;
  • “Chemistry”;
  • “Maths”;
  • “Engineering and Technology”;
  • Life Science and Medicine;
  • “Informatics”;
  • “Natural Sciences”;
  • “Social Sciences and Management”.

All faculties have experienced teachers who have proven to be successful mentors. Their students are actively involved in scientific activities and annually take part in numerous conferences and other events.


International students can live on the Guangzhou City campus. Several settlement options are offered to choose from:

  • South Campus, Double: RMB 1,050 / $ 160 per month.
  • South campus, Single: 1650 RMB / 250 $ per month.
  • East District on South, Hostel 351: 4,800 RMB / $ 740 per year.

All rooms have a separate bathroom, air conditioning, TV, Internet and telephone. Also, for the convenience of residents, a kitchen is equipped, washing machines are installed on the floors. Students can use the recreational area, play table tennis or billiards, etc.


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