South China University of Technology (华南理工大学)

About the university

Location: Guangzhou, China

(official full name – South China University of Technology, traditional in Chinese – 華南 理工 大學, abbreviated – SCUT) is known in China and around the world for multidisciplinary training in leading specialties. SCUT is actively involved in projects 985 and 211 on international student exchange. The project enables students to gain international level skills and knowledge that will be useful when applying for a job.

SCUT University was founded back in 1952 and was known as the Polytechnic Institute. Since then, it has taken leading positions in international rankings. In 1988, the Chinese government gave the educational institution the opportunity to undergo recertification, after which it was named the University of the highest category. Now SCUT is one of the strongest universities not only in Asia, but throughout the world.

SCUT university ranking and its advantages

SCUT University consistently ranks high in the rankings and is often ranked in the top 10 Asian technology education institutions. In 2017, it was ranked 24th in Asia and 450th in the world. This trend indicates high quality teaching and a well-organized education process.

Benefits of SCUT University:

  • active cooperation with other educational institutions of the world scale;
  • participation in development in various production areas;
  • comprehensive support from the state, large companies and the Ministry of Education.

Every year students graduate from the university, who later become famous scientists, engineers, developers and other specialists in various industrial fields of activity.

Composition and infrastructure of the University

SCUT University is located in the southern capital of China – Guangzhou, and covers an area of ​​300 hectares, on which there are two huge buildings. The institution consists of two campuses in different regions, one of which is located in the Tianhe district, the other in the Panyu district.

The full composition of the university:

  • more than 2,700 teachers of the highest category, of which 40% are specialists from other developed countries, including Canada, Japan, the USA;
  • about 41,000 students, of which 10% are foreigners;
  • more than 50,000 correspondence students, of which 60% are foreign students.

On the territory of two campuses there are research and scientific centers, laboratories, a library, sports centers and stadiums, hostels, canteens, cafes.

SCUT admission and tuition fees

University admission is based on subject performance. The applicant must provide the admissions committee with a full package of documents that testifies to high preparation, namely: Certificate for 11 classes and TOEFL and IELTS certificates with passing demonstration points.

Tuition fees at SCUT per year:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chinese-language training ranges from 18,000 to 25,000 yuan;
  • Undergraduate studies in English language range from 23,000 to 33,000 yuan;
  • Master’s degrees in Chinese language studies range from 26,000 to 39,000 yuan;
  • Master’s degrees in English-language teaching range from 36,000 to 44,500 yuan;
  • The language program ranges from RMB 14,000 to RMB 18,000;
  • The registration fee is 500 yuan.

Since training at SCUT University takes place in English in all major areas, knowledge of the Chinese language is not required. At the same time, every student who wishes can receive training in the Chinese language and culture during the training course. Then take a language exam and switch to Chinese-language training, which is much cheaper than English-language training.


Thanks to active government support, SCUT University provides legislative grants that entitle the student to receive preferential education. To use grants, you must submit an electronic application in advance on the official website of the university. And also inform the management of the institution in advance that the incoming student needs to live in a hostel. Since there are a lot of people who want to settle in the hostel, sometimes there are not enough places. But this issue is quickly resolved – the university itself is looking for a room in a nearby hostel.

Studying programs

SCUT institution provides specialized training for foreign citizens in the following areas:

  • Engineering Science
  • Business and management
  • Law
  • Economic specialized sciences
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Medical and biological sciences
  • Art and design

The term of study for a Bachelor’s degree is 4 years, for a Master’s degree 2-3 years, for a Doctorate degree 3-4 years, a language program takes from 1 semester to two years. At the same time, doctoral studies are conducted only in Chinese, so the bulk of the students are Chinese citizens.

SCUT faculties

  • World economy
  • Heat and energy
  • Technical mechanics
  • Electronic Science and Technology
  • Chemical Technology
  • Energy development
  • Applied Physics and Chemistry
  • Accounting and Management
  • International Marketing
  • Worldwide economically profitable trade
  • Languages
  • Tourism
  • Architecture
  • Network development
  • Security developments
  • Development of pharmaceuticals
  • Transport engineering

The specialty “Civil Engineering” gives the student the right to study at New York University.


SCUT University grants nonresident students the right to live in a comfortable hostel, which is located on campus. The cost of living ranges from 3,500 to 15,000 yuan per year, depending on the number of people in the room. At the same time, for students with families, the country’s leadership provides rooms of an increased size.

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