Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (广东外语外贸大学)

About the university

Location: Guangzhou, China

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies GDUFS has been graduating professionals in the field of linguistics and financial relations for forty years.

University ranking and benefits

The university enjoys a good reputation in the PRC and abroad. The main advantages of the local educational approach include:

  • Availability of courses in both Chinese and English.
  • A chance to network with local students studying Slavic linguistics.
  • The opportunity to learn twelve different languages, including such rare varieties as Vietnamese, Indonesian-Malay, Thai, etc.
  • High employment rate of graduates: according to statistics, 99% of them easily find work in their specialty in the field of international business and trade.

The location of the university allows students to experience Chinese culture and traditions. Thanks to its proximity to Hong Kong, students can see for themselves how the largest corporations that excel in international trade operate.

Composition and infrastructure

The university belongs to the category of large educational institutions. In addition to the large number of Chinese students, many young people from other countries study here. Today you can meet representatives of 50 different countries here.

The teaching staff is focused on working with foreigners. Various themed events and excursions are organized for them. Students can use the books of the university library, which contain materials in Chinese and other European (English, German, Italian, etc.) and Asian languages.

Admission and tuition fees

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • reaching the age of majority;
  • completed school education (secondary);
  • HSK-4 exam results (for programs in Chinese);
  • TOEFL / IELTS 5.5 certificate

An exception is the short-term language program, which accepts young people from 17 years old.

The approximate amount of payment for educational services is presented in the table below (prices are indicated for the academic year):

Program type Duration Cost
Language 4 weeks – 2 years 4 weeks – 2600 rmb / 400 $
8 weeks – 4700 rmb / 720 $

semester – 8600 rmb / 1300 $

year – 17200 rmb / 2640 $

Bachelor’s degree (in Chinese) 4 years 18900 rmb/2900$
Bachelor’s degree, specialty – “Chinese language” 4 years 18900 rmb/2900$
Undergraduate (Chinese + English) 4 years 22580 rmb/3470$
Undergraduate (English) 4 years 29000 rmb/4460$
Master 2 years 20500 rmb/3150$
Doctorate 3 years 24500 rmb/3765$

A registration fee is paid separately in the amount of 300 yuan / $ 50 and more (depending on the program).

Studying programs

For international applicants, there are several programs to choose from:

  • Language courses (Chinese) – duration from 2 weeks to 2 years, depending on the student’s choice.
  • Undergraduate (Chinese, Chinese + English, fully English) – 4 years.
  • Master’s degree (Chinese) – 2 years.
  • Doctorate (Chinese) – 3 years.

Among the areas of undergraduate studies, the following can be distinguished:

  • Bachelor’s degree in “Chinese language”: “Chinese culture and communications”, “Business Chinese”.
  • Bachelor’s in Chinese: International Politics, Accounting, Insurance, International Finance, Informatics, Journalism, Design, Music Performance, Translation Studies, Foreign Language and etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree with partial training in English: “International Economics and Trade”, “Finance”, “Journalism”, “Marketing”, “International Commerce”.
  • Bachelor’s degree in English: International Business, Chinese Business Culture.

Upon completion of any of the listed specialties, graduates receive a state diploma.


From the very beginning, the priority areas of the Institute were linguistics and international trade relations. In this regard, individual schools that are part of the university are also focused on these specialties. Among them, there is the MBI, which produces high-level business professionals ready to work in the most famous financial institutions.


Applicants are offered a choice of double or quadruple rooms in the hostel. Each of the rooms is equipped with air conditioning, telephone, TV, Internet access, and a private bathroom. There is a kitchen on the floor where everyone can cook.

The cost of living is:

  • Double room: 1000 RMB / 150 $ per month, 4000 RMB / 610 $ per semester.
  • Quadruple room: 450 yuan / 65 $ per month, 1800 yuan / 270 $ per semester.

If desired, students can live in rented apartments near the campus.

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