Shanghai Jiao Tong University (上海交通大学)

About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

Shanghai Transport (Jiao Tong) University has been operating since 1896 and is officially recognized as one of the oldest universities in China. Today, there is an active training of future specialists in various fields of activity. Moreover, the number of foreign students already exceeds 5,000.

Traditionally, representatives of the most famous Chinese families come here. Among the graduates of the university there are many successful scientists, politicians, etc.

University ranking and benefits

The main advantages of studying at a university include:

  • full technical equipment of the University;
  • the opportunity to learn from the leading representatives of China’s science, among whom there are also Nobel laureates;
  • numerous additional programs, which include preparation for passing the HSK;
  • a wide range of specialties (including in English);
  • a chance to live in Shanghai, one of the most colorful and developed cities in Asia and the ancient center of Chinese culture.

For many years this university has occupied top positions in the lists of the best centers of higher professional education both in the country and around the world. Thus, the University is ranked 4th in the list of the most successful universities in China and 153rd in The Times QS World University Rankings.

Composition and infrastructure

The university is one of the largest in the Middle Kingdom. It has 6 campuses, each of which is equipped with everything necessary for the study and accommodation of students. Eleven research centers have become the basis for various innovative programs on a national scale.

The educational institution has a huge library, as well as a reading room, equipped with all the necessary technical innovations. There are many attractions on campuses that will allow students to better experience the spirit of China and assess its level of cultural achievement.

Admission and tuition fees

University applicants can be citizens of other states who have received school education, who have already turned 18 years old. Good health is a prerequisite. Applicants for bachelor’s programs in Chinese must show at least HSK-5 as a result of a language test.

The tuition fees are as follows:

Program name Duration Cost
Language program (short-term) from 4 to 5 weeks from 3850 rmb ($ 660) to 4700 rmb ($ 810)
Language program (long-term) from 6 months to 3 years from 9100 rmb ($ 1570) / semester
Undergraduate (Chinese) from 4 to 5 years 24800 rmb (4275 $) / year
Undergraduate (English) 4 years 50,000 rmb (8620 $) / year
Master 3 years 28900 rmb (4980 $) / year
Doctorate 3 years 45500 rmb (7850$)/ year

The maximum age for admission to language programs is 60 years.

Studying programs

The University’s language programs, both long-term and short-term, are quite popular. Many additional aspects of education are also available to students, such as Chinese food, Shanghai dialect, calligraphy, etc.

Applicants for a bachelor’s degree and at the same time wishing to study in Chinese can choose one of 50 programs of both humanitarian and technical orientation. Among them are “Plant Biotechnology”, “Pharmaceuticals”, “Computer Science and Technology”, “Civil Engineering”, “Animal Biotechnology”, “Architecture”, “Chinese Language”, “Economics” and many others.

A special advantage of this university is the availability of bachelor’s programs in English. They also last 4 years and are available for the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering majors.

You can continue your education in local magistracy and doctoral studies. Training at these stages is carried out only in Chinese.


There are 31 schools subordinate to the educational institution, which prepare students of specific directions. Each of them has a specialized research center, on the basis of which scientific experiments of national importance are carried out.

Each of the faculties has an experienced staff of departments, which includes many members of the Academy of Sciences of the Celestial Empire and honored teachers of the country. The research practice of students takes place under their strict guidance.


The main campus is called the Xuhui Campus and is located right in the center of Shanghai. Its area is over 230 thousand square meters. All amenities for students have been created on the territory, in addition, this territory contains historical buildings that will help foreign guests to better experience the culture of China. There are two placement options available:

Place Room Cost
Dormitory number 9


Single room with private facilities (telephone, TV, Internet connection, refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioning) 75 RMB (13 $) / day
Lian Xing Building Single room with private facilities (telephone, Internet connection, TV, air conditioning, private shower and toilet). A shared kitchen with fridge and washing machine are located on the floor. 70 RMB (12 $) / day

Another place for international students to stay is the new Minghang campus. Its location is less convenient, because it is a suburban area of Shanghai, but at the same time, the area of the campus is also large and fully equipped for the needs of students. The administrative and many educational services of the University are also located here. The cost of living here is:

Place Room Cost
Building No. 8 Double (air conditioning, TV, Internet connection, telephone, own shower and toilet). A shared kitchen with fridge and washing machine are located on the floor. RMB 5,400 ($ 930) / semester
Building No. 10 Single room (air conditioning, TV, Internet connection, telephone, own shower and toilet). A shared kitchen with fridge and washing machine are located on the floor. 8,600 yuan ($ 1,590) / semester
Building No. 51 4 rooms and a common hall for each hostel. Students can use the shared facilities. The room has air conditioning, television and telephone, microwave oven and refrigerator. 4,800 RMB ($ 825) / semester
600 yuan (100 $) – surcharge for water and electricity. Internet connection is charged separately.


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