Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (上海对外经贸大学)

About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, which bears the English name Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, is one of those universities in China that are focused on practical activities. Founded in 1960, it has already graduated many specialists in the field of economics, law, etc., who are successfully working in the Middle Kingdom itself and beyond. The university also has several branches throughout the country.

At the moment, the institute aims to expand its international activities. Several contracts have been concluded with Western educational institutions that host Chinese students. A large number of foreigners also come to Shanghai, thanks to which a diverse learning environment is created at the university.

University ranking and benefits

The University of International Business has been operating since 1960, but at the same time it began to enjoy active popularity already in the 21st century, when trade and economic growth became the main vector of Chinese foreign policy. Now the university fully fits into the educational activities of the country and the world.

Despite the fact that the institute does not occupy a leading position in the ratings of higher education institutions, education here still has several advantages. These include:

  • availability of international exchange programs;
  • small composition of educational groups;
  • relatively inexpensive cost of education;
  • location in Shanghai, one of the main centers of Chinese business and trade.

Composition and infrastructure

The university has one campus, where all the necessary conditions are equipped for students. In addition to modern lecture halls and classrooms for practical classes, there is a library (including a reading room) and a sports ground. Students regularly participate in various educational and leisure activities.

On the basis of the university, active research activities are carried out. Students are offered various topics for writing scientific papers, which can be used by them in the future to create articles, diplomas, term papers, etc. Teachers provide students with comprehensive assistance, they can also use all the equipment available at the institute.

Admission and tuition fees

To enter the university, the following documents are required:

  • a copy of the diploma of the existing level of education;
  • certificate of exam results in English or Chinese;
  • confirmation of financial well-being;
  • a certificate of a normal level of health;
  • copy of the passport.

The cost of training is approximately as follows:

Program type Payment
Learning Chinese from 7000 rmb (1200 $) per semester
Bachelor’s and Master’s programs 20,000 rmb ($ 3440) per year – taught in Chinese;
40,000 rmb ($ 6890) per year – taught in English.
Postgraduate programs 30,000 rmb ($ 5170) per year – taught in Chinese;
50,000 rmb (8600 $) per year – taught in English.
MBA 150,000 rmb ($ 25,860) per year – taught in English.

An additional fee is paid for the document processing procedure:

  • for language courses – 400 rmb ($ 65);
  • for full-fledged undergraduate programs – 1000 rmb (170 $).

Studying programs

In addition to the standard language program for many local universities, the institute has economic programs for foreign applicants, including the MBA format. A big plus of the local education is its focus on practice, students are given the opportunity to see how the largest Chinese corporations and business objects operate from the inside.

Also, the university has opened preparation centers for passing not only the exam in the knowledge of the local language, but also TOEFL and IELTS. At the same time, teachers from English-speaking countries work there.


Among the faculties operating on the basis of the institute, the following can be mentioned:

  • financial school;
  • foreign language School;
  • School of Business Information;
  • School of Management.

Local exchange programs should be noted separately. The University of International Business and Economics works closely with several institutes from the USA. This allows not only sending students to America, where they gain experience of acquaintance with local business laws, but also inviting lecturers from abroad to China. Thus, students in Shanghai have a chance to gain knowledge from leading experts from around the world.


The picturesque campus of the university is decorated in the classical Chinese tradition. On its territory there is a large park with a lake, where students can enjoy their free time.

International students can apply for a hostel. The rooms here are equipped with everything you need, they have a bathroom, air conditioning, furniture, bed linen, TV and telephone. All residents have access to the Internet. There is also a shared kitchen with a refrigerator on the floor.

There are single and double occupancy to choose from. In the first case, the cost will be from 70 to 100 yuan per day (i.e. from $ 12 to $ 17), in the second – from 100 to 120 yuan per day (i.e. from $ 17 to $ 20).

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