Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (上海中医药大学)

About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

National Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (official full name – Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Chinese – 上海 中 医药 大学, abbreviated – SHUTCM) is one of the key educational institutions in the medical industry in China. Chinese medicine is considered to be the most successful aspect not only in the traditional medical industry but also in pharmacology. After all, most of the medicines in China are developed taking into account ancient knowledge and many years of experience.

SHUTCM University was founded back in 1956 and even then became known throughout the country as a strong educational institution with a specialized medical direction. Then, many Chinese sought to get into the Bachelor’s training courses, as graduates were highly valued not only in China, but also in other countries. Later, the institution began to take foreign students to study.

SHUTCM National University offers a comprehensive short-term and long-term professional training program in Chinese and English, where students learn not only the basics of ancient Chinese medicine, but also master massage and acupuncture. At the same time, training of foreign students who do not speak Chinese is carried out in separate groups in English.

University ranking and its advantages

Shanghai University of Traditional Chines Medicine has consistently ranked high not only in the Chinese list, but also globally. Thanks to a well-planned educational process, students receive the most useful information during the period of study.

The main advantages of SHUTCM University:

  • active cooperation with major medical institutions in China;
  • comprehensive state financing of the educational process for the further growth and development of the institution;
  • participation in international medical practices.

The university conducts the first year of study on a common basis for all students, regardless of the chosen direction, where only basic sciences are taught, such as biology, chemistry, the basics of Chinese medicine. And only in the second year they can choose a profile direction in their studies.

University composition and infrastructure

The SHUTCM educational institution owns a huge territory, which houses more than 20 individual colleges and branches, 5 modern clinics of the latest European standard, laboratories, training and sports centers. The Shanghai Museum of Ancient Chinese Medicine, which is subordinate to the university, deserves special attention. The museum in the format of an exhibition invites students to familiarize themselves with ancient medical instruments, as well as ancient methods of treatment and effective prevention of many diseases.

Full staff of SHUTCM University:

  • more than 600 teachers, of which more than half are famous doctors in China;
  • about 100 medical teachers from developed countries;
  • about 6,000 students, of which more than 1,500 are foreign students from 45 countries.

Over the entire existence of SHUTCM University, more than 10,000 highly qualified doctors of traditional Chinese medicine have been trained, who have become known not only in China, but also in other countries. Specialists in acupuncture and physiotherapists, who were successful graduates in their time, apply the acquired knowledge and experience in their practice to this day.

Admission and tuition fees

Traditional admission to Shanghai SHUTCM University is carried out on the general legal basis provided by the Ministry of Education of China. The incoming student provides the admission committee with an international passport, a certificate for 11 grades, a police clearance certificate and a medical certificate of the standard China.

Full tuition fees at SHUTCM:

  • language program (1-2 years) – from 8,000 to 19,000 yuan;
  • preparatory program (1 year) – 22,000 yuan;
  • Bachelor’s program in Chinese (4 years) – from 20,000 to 28,000 yuan / year;
  • Undergraduate program in English (5 years) – 42,000 yuan / year;
  • Master’s program (2-3 years) – from 30,000 yuan / year;
  • Doctorate program (3-5 years) – from 35,000 yuan / year;
  • registration compulsory enrollment fee – 500 RMB.

The total amount of traditional paid education does not include the cost of accommodation and meals, as well as additional costs for educational methods.


SHUTCM University provides legislative grants to those students who have a high score in subjects and apply before the start of the educational process. Those students who fully meet the declared requirements of the grant program receive a discount of 100%, 50% or 20% of the total cost for comprehensive training. The grant program guarantees the receipt of the established scholarship on a par with Chinese students.

Studying programs

Shanghai Medical University SHUTCM offers many medical areas, some of which are taught in Chinese, others in English.

List of destinations available in Chinese:

  • Chinese medical language
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture and ancient manual therapy
  • Traditional Medicinal Chinese Medicine
  • Clinical special food
  • Rehabilitation rehabilitation therapy
  • Sports medicine
  • Medical equipment
  • Humanitarian sciences

List of destinations available in English:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture and Tuin
  • Humanitarian sciences

Upon admission to the Bachelor’s course with training in Chinese, you must provide an HSK Certificate with 4 levels of accreditation, upon admission to the Master – an HSK Certificate with 5 levels, upon admission to Doctoral studies – an HSK Certificate with 5 and higher levels.


National Medical University SHUTCM offers specialized qualified training in medical specialties.

List of the most demanded specialties among foreign students:

  • International Medical Research
  • Biomedical science
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • Traditional Orthopedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Development and production of medical equipment

Men and women who have reached the age of 18 and older are accepted for training.


SHUTCM State University provides all nonresident students with dormitory accommodation. The cost of paid accommodation in the hostel ranges from 50 to 70 yuan per day per person. Comfortable rooms can be for two people or more.

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