Shanghai International Studies University (上海外国语大学)

About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

Shanghai University of Foreign Languages ​​(aka Shanghai International Studies University) opened admission to applicants back in 1949. Initially, the specialization of the university was the study of Russian linguistics, but later its profile became broader. At the moment, the institute has a large number of programs aimed at teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Today the University cooperates with educational institutions of its level around the world. 3000 students from different countries are already studying within its walls. Teachers regularly undergo internships abroad and improve the quality of work and its effectiveness. All this makes this institute attractive for international applicants.

Shanghai University of Foreign Languages was founded in 1949. In 28 specialties a bachelor’s degree is awarded, in 23 there are postgraduate studies, in 9 – a doctoral degree.

The University actively develops international cooperation and exchange. University have established contacts with more than 110 universities from 30 countries.

There are also Chinese language courses at the university.

University ranking and benefits

The described University of Shanghai is one of the participants in the “211” project, designed not only to develop education in the PRC, but also to preserve the country’s cultural values, passing them on to younger generations. All employees of the university carefully work out the programs according to which local and foreign students are trained. Any initiative of students in the field of educational work or research activities is actively supported by the teaching staff. That is why the institute is so loved by young people.

The main advantage of the university is the large number of foreign students taking courses there. Thanks to this, all teachers have extensive experience in this field and can find the right approach to each student. In addition, the University has developed a large number of teaching aids that are used in teaching international students.

Composition and infrastructure

The Institute consists of two main campuses, both of which are located in Shanghai. These are Hongkou Campus and Songjiang Campus. Like the city itself, the academic buildings of the University are a combination of a historical national tradition with the latest technological advances.

The university has a large campus, where students can not only study, but also walk and spend their free time. There is also a library with a reading room, which has, among other things, electronic resources.

Admission and tuition fees

Below is a table that reflects all the necessary information about the price of educational courses at the University and the documents required for admission to each of them.

Program type Duration Cost
Standard language program (specialization – Chinese) 1 semester 9000 rmb/1500$
Standard language program (specialization – Chinese) 1 year 18000 rmb/3100$
Intensive language program (specialization – Chinese) 1 semester 16750 rmb/2885$
Intensive language program (specialization – Chinese) 1 year 33500 rmb/5775$
Bachelor in the specialty “English and Chinese” 4 years 20500 rmb/3535$ per year
Bachelor in “Chinese for Business” 4 years 21500 rmb / 3705 $ per year
Master (any of the specialties) 1 year from 23000 rmb / 3965 $ to 32000 rmb / 5515 $ per year (depending on the specialty)

For applicants you need:

  • Form of the required sample.
  • Copy of the passport.
  • Photo.
  • A copy of the diploma of the existing level of education.
  • Confirmation of the possibility to pay for the program.

When applying for undergraduate and graduate programs, a certificate of knowledge of the Chinese language is required at least HSK4. For language courses, such a certificate is optional.

All documents require a notarized translation.


Along with other state universities, this University is included in the scholarship program of the Chinese Government. Applicants applying to different types of language programs have the most chances of getting it. Grant applications must be submitted separately.

Studying programs

The main profile of the University when working with foreign students is teaching them the Chinese language and culture. Today the institute has both intensive courses and ordinary courses, while their duration starts from six months.

Those wishing to receive higher education in the Celestial Empire can apply for bachelor’s and master’s programs. At both levels, teaching of languages ​​of different groups, both European and Asian, is available. Master’s students can also enter the specializations “International Relations”, “Translation and Translation Studies” and “MBA”.

The Business Chinese program should be mentioned separately. Having entered it, foreign applicants have the opportunity to work as translators in the largest companies in China in the future.


Since the university specializes in translation studies, the faculties here are divided according to the principle of which language is being studied there. Among them, one can mention not only Chinese, but also English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, German, as well as even Hebrew, Farsi and many others.

On the basis of each of the faculties there are classrooms equipped with equipment for the implementation of simultaneous translation and scientific laboratories where you can conduct any type of work in the field of linguistics.


The university takes care of international students and offers them the best accommodation options in modern and comfortable campuses. Each applicant can choose one of the following accommodation options:

Place Room type Cost
SISU Guest House Single: Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. The washing machine and kitchen are located on the floor. 125-160 yuan / $ 21-$ 27 per day
SISU Guest House Double room: Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. The washing machine and kitchen are located on the floor. 75 yuan / 13 $ per day
SISU Hotel Single: Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. The washing machine and kitchen are located on the floor. 130 yuan / 22 $ per day
SISU Hotel Double room: Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. The washing machine and kitchen are located on the floor. 65 yuan / 11 $ per day
Villa SISU Single: Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. 130 yuan / 22 $ per day
Villa SISU Internet access, TV, telephone, toilet and shower. 65 yuan / 11 $ per day


Fax: 0086-21-6531 3756
E-mail: [email protected]


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