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About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

Fudan Multidisciplinary University (official name – Fudan University, Chinese traditional – 復旦大學, abbreviated – FDU or Fùdàn Dàxué Università) is the oldest Chinese state educational institution. The institution is part of the network of universities “Universitas 21” of global importance, which indicates international cooperation with leading foreign universities of the world scale. Fudan University is located in the center of Shanghai and is considered one of the strongest in the region.

FDU University was founded back in 1905 by a Chinese academician and had the primary name Fudan Public School. Later it was renamed the National Standard University. The motto of the FDU institution is “not only to study hard, but also to be true to aspirations”, therefore teachers require high knowledge and aspirations from students. In 2000, there was a successful merger with the renowned Shanghai Medical University.

The Fudan University institution conducts professional study and in-depth research of physical and mathematical, social, medical, humanitarian and exact sciences of an international standard, therefore students from different countries are trained here. After successfully completing a full training course, the graduate receives an international diploma, which gives the full right to get a job in any state.

Fudan University is one of the oldest universities in China. It was founded in 1905. In 2000, Fudan University was merged with Shanghai Medical University and renamed Fudan New University.

The university has 17 institutes: the Institute of Humanities, the Institute of Foreign Languages, the Institute of Journalism, the Law Institute, the Economic Institute, the Institute of Management, the Technical and Engineering Institute, the Institute of Life Sciences, the Shanghai Medical Institute, the Institute of Informatics and Engineering, the Institute of International Relations and Sociology , Institute of Social Development and Politics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Software, etc.

There are 68 bachelor’s degree majors, 157 doctoral majors and 209 master’s majors, 25 research stations, 81 research centers, 145 interdisciplinary research centers and 5 government laboratories.

The university enjoys a well-deserved prestige in the world, actively develops international cooperation and exchange, has established close ties with 150 universities and research institutes from more than 30 countries and regions of the world.

The university has courses for the improvement of the Chinese language.

University ranking and its advantages

FDU University is included in the 5 leaders of the best universities in China and in the 100 most famous world educational institutions, which gives it every right to be called a National Institution of a global scale. After all, graduates are valued in a wide variety of industries in all developed countries.

The main advantages of the FDU University:

  1. active participation in international studies of the profile direction;
  2. high rating indicators;
  3. the possibility of training in English;
  4. highly qualified special education for foreign students.

Fudan University was the first to introduce into the educational process a new systemic program by levels, which provides for step-by-step training, contributing to more successful and effective assimilation of the material by students. Fudan University offers foreign students to study in several areas in English.

Composition and infrastructure

Fudan University FDU is located on a vast territory, which has 4 modern campuses, many research centers, scientific laboratories, hospitals and sports grounds. Also, FDU has 3 foreign campuses, namely in Sweden, Japan and Singapore, where training is conducted by specialized teachers from around the world.

The full composition of the FDU University:

  • over 3,000 teachers, of which about 1,500 are professors and academicians, including from other states;
  • over 45,000 students, of which over 1,800 are foreign students.

FDU Fudan University has a membership in PROJECT 211, which indicates the comprehensive financing of the educational process from the Chinese state and large companies. FDU also participates in the international student exchange program, which gives them the right to practice on the territory of any chosen state.

Admission and tuition fees

Standard admission to Fudan University takes place on a general basis, consistent with Chinese law. The applicant must provide a Certificate for 11 classes, which is translated into Chinese or English, while notarized, and an international passport. Students with a high subject score are automatically enrolled in language training. Therefore, a deep knowledge of the Chinese language is not required before entering a language course. Annual language courses provide professional language training for foreign students.

Tuition fees at Fudan University:

  • short-term language courses (1-6 months) – 1,500 yuan / week;
  • long-term language courses (1 year) – 10,500 yuan / semester;
  • Bachelor’s degree (4 years) in Chinese – from 24,000 to 43,000 yuan / year;
  • Undergraduate (6 years) in English (medical direction) – 75,000 yuan / year;
  • Master’s degree (3 years) – from 27,000 to 49,000 yuan / year;
  • Doctorate (2-3 years) – from 29,000 to 55,000 yuan / year.

The term of study for the Bachelor of Science in Chinese and in English differs in duration, therefore the English Bachelor of Medicine course is 6 years, not 4.


Fudan University State University provides foreign students with legislative grants that entitle them to completely free or preferential tuition and accommodation with a 50% or 20% discount. At the same time, the average score in subjects, which guarantees the receipt of a grant, must be at least 90. The grant program is provided to a student for the first year of study. For all subsequent years, the student must independently provide documents that meet all the requirements of the grant program.

Studying programs

The FDU National University offers professional specialized training in such areas as:

  • Economics and Management
  • Foreign languages ​​and literature;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Medicine, including traditional Chinese;
  • Exact and Humanities;
  • Computer Science and Technology;
  • Bio-technologies;
  • Finance;
  • Journalism;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Tourism.

Successful graduates of the Bachelor’s program, if they wish, can continue their studies at the Master’s courses with the provision of a state certified HSK license with an assigned level 4. To continue their studies at Doctoral studies, a student must provide an HSK state certificate with a level of at least 5.


Multidisciplinary University Fudan University offers about 70 multidisciplinary faculties, which include many areas and specialties.

List of the most popular FDU specialties:

  • Business Chinese, Philosophy and Culture
  • Preventive traditional medicine
  • Chinese medicine
  • Pharmaceutical business
  • Law and International Politics
  • International finance and relations
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Material chemistry and physics
  • Neuralgia
  • Surgery

In addition to the listed specialties, a foreign student can choose any other direction that is available to foreign citizens.


Fudan University provides a cozy hostel for foreign students, organized according to the principle of student apartments. The cost of living is from 70 to 100 yuan per day per person. Accommodation is as close as possible to a modern hotel, as the university is a member of the China Exemplary Curriculum.


Fax: 86-21-65117298
E-mail: [email protected]


Official website: fudan.edu.cn

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