Northeastern University (东北大学)

About the university

Shenyang, China

Northeastern University, is located in Liaoning province. The campus of the university is located in the central city of the region, Shenyang. The institute was opened in 1923, but began to develop actively only a few decades ago. Today the university is a member of “Project 211” and “Project 985” and actively invites foreign applicants to study in China. At the same time, it is possible to become a specialist both in the field of business or the humanities, and in the field of technology and engineering.

University ranking and benefits

It is worth going to Northeasten University for several reasons:

  • A good school of Chinese as a foreign language will help you pass the HSK exam.
  • Foreigners are offered several types of scholarships (including those covering all education costs).
  • Modern technical equipment will especially appeal to those who are going to work in the field of IT and computer technology.
  • The presence of contracts with more than 100 partner universities around the world provides an opportunity for internships and training in other countries.

Northeastern University also offers employment assistance to its students and graduates. For example, at the institute the Neusoft company was opened, which today is a leader in the field of programming not only in Asia, but all over the world.

Composition and infrastructure

The number of university students is 43,000 people, including both locals and foreigners. The teaching staff is also international. For the last few years, the university has been actively engaging teachers from other countries in cooperation in order to exchange experience. More than 20,000 people work in IT companies and computer labs that Northeastern University opened in China, Japan, USA, etc.

The total campus area is over 2.5 thousand square meters. Here you can find educational buildings and a library, sports grounds and parks, as well as everything you need for a comfortable student’s life: shops, cafeterias, laundry, etc. Separately, it is worth noting scientific centers, where students can engage in research in their specialty. The university actively supports young scientists and provides them with comprehensive support.

Admission and tuition fees

All applicants wishing to study at Northeastern University have the following requirements:

  • Age – from 18 to 25 (bachelor’s), 35 (master’s) or 40 (doctoral) years.
  • Any citizenship other than the PRC.
  • No health problems (documented).
  • Completed previous stage of education (diploma must be provided).
  • For master’s and doctoral studies – the presence of 2-3 letters of recommendation from teachers.
  • For applicants planning to study in Chinese – the HSK-5 exam certificate.

In the absence of a scholarship, the tuition fee for one year is:

  • Language courses – 7000 yuan (about 1200 $) for 6 months, 14000 yuan (about 2400 yuan) per year.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chinese – 16,000 yuan (about $ 2,700).
  • Undergraduate (other specialties) – 20,000 yuan (about $ 3400).
  • Master’s degree – 25,000-30,000 yuan (about $ 4250 – $ 5140), depending on the specialty.

Additionally, the applicant will have to pay a registration fee of 500 yuan (about $ 85).


Due to the fact that the institute is under the direct control of the Chinese Ministry of Education, it is able to accept applicants for scholarship programs. The most famous of all is the PRC Government Grant, which is awarded every year. More detailed information on financial support can be obtained on the Northeastern University website and on the page of the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Studying programs

The total number of programs taught at the institute exceeds 200. Moreover, they are all distributed between several educational levels:

  • Chinese language courses, duration starts from 6 months and is determined at the request of the student.
  • Bachelor’s degree, duration – 4 years.
  • Master’s degree, duration – 2.5-3 years.
  • Doctorate

Some of the programs have recently been taught in English. This is especially convenient for international applicants who no longer have to take HSK.

Language courses are accompanied by various electives that will allow foreigners to get acquainted with Chinese calligraphy, music, gymnastics, cooking and other aspects of the cultural life of the Middle Kingdom.


Northeastern University consists of separate units called institutes. Each of them is associated with a specific area of ​​education. The most popular are the following areas of knowledge:

  • Chinese as a foreign language.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Arts.
  • Computer and engineering sciences.
  • Software.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Natural resources and civil engineering.
  • Health and Life Sciences.
  • Humanities and jurisprudence ..
  • Business administration.

Also, the university has registered several branches where Chinese and foreign students study successfully.


For students from abroad, comfortable dormitories are equipped right on the campus. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life: private bathroom, refrigerator, air conditioning, kitchen, etc. There is also an internet and television connection.

The price per day is 30 RMB (about $ 5) per person.

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