Hong Kong Baptist University (香港浸會大學)

About the university

Location: Hong Kong, China

(officially Hong Kong Baptist University, Chinese китай 香港 會 大學, abbreviated HKBU) refers to educational institutions that provide Christian education. Despite the religious name, university students are trained not only in Christian areas, but also study the exact and human sciences.

Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1956 in Hong Kong and was originally called Hong Kong Baptist College. The college was founded by the Baptists, so the Bible is displayed on the emblem at the entrance. The institution was already distinguished by a high level of education. After accreditation in 1994, it was renamed the University and began to accept foreign students for training.

University ranking and its advantages

According to the latest rankings, HKBU is ranked in the top 50 universities in Asia and in the top 300 educational institutions in the world. Due to high world ratings and excellent mastery of the material, students from all over the world study here in English and Chinese.

University advantages:

  • high rating indicators in the world community;
  • participation of students in international programs;
  • active participation in the student exchange program;
  • a large selection of specialties.

The multidisciplinary university HKBU takes an active part in the international exchange program for successful students, so students have the right to practice in any country, including the USA and Canada. To participate in the program, students are required to submit an application in advance and indicate the selected country.

University composition and infrastructure

HKBU University has 5 main campuses, namely:

  • Ho Sin Hang Campus – founded in 1966;
  • Shaw Campus – founded in 1995;
  • Baptist University Road Campus – founded in 1998;
  • Kai Tak Campus – founded in 2005;
  • Shek Mun Campus – founded in 2008.

There are many academic centers on the territory of the university, which house lecture halls, general and medical libraries, schools of visual arts, the Center for Postgraduate Education and Further Education and much more.

The full composition of the university:

  • about 1000 teachers from different countries;
  • more than 9,500 students, of which about 30% are foreign students.

Sports complexes and stadiums are located on campuses, where students can actively spend their holidays. The HKBU also has a comfortable apartment-style dorm and dining room. The garden, which is located directly on the territory of the university, deserves special attention. Here you can relax during your break on attractive benches, sheltered from the heat.

Admission and tuition fees at HKBU

Admission to the state university HKBU is made on a general basis with a Certificate for 11 classes and an international passport. Enrollment takes place on the basis of school subject assessments and testing, which takes place after the preparatory course. Full training takes place in various areas of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral studies. Also, the university provides a perfect professional development program based on the already existing Diploma.

Average cost of studying at HKBU per year:

  • Undergraduate from 25,000 to 35,000 RMB;
  • Master’s degree from 30,000 to 42,000 yuan;
  • Doctorate over 40,000 yuan;
  • preparatory courses from 4,000 to 12,000 yuan.

For foreign students, undergraduate studies are provided in English. When applying for a Master’s degree, you must take language courses and have an HSK certificate with an appropriate score.


HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist University) provides applicants with special grants that entitle them to a 100%, 50% or 20% discount on a full course of study. Only successful students who have an overall score of at least 85 in all subjects can apply for a legislative grant. Grants apply not only to training, but also to living in a hostel.

Studying programs

Hong Kong Baptist University is a government institution, therefore it is supported by the Ministry of Education of China.

List of directions at the university:

  • Natural Sciences;
  • Social Sciences and Management;
  • Arts and Humanities;
  • Engineering and modern technologies;
  • Medicine and medical equipment.

The duration of study for the Bachelor’s degree takes from 4 to 5 years, for the Master’s degree – 2-3 years, for the Doctorate degree – more than 4 years.


The multidisciplinary university HKBU offers training in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts (Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Humanities, Music, Religion, Philosophy, Translation);
  • Faculty of Exact Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology);
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (Education Studies, International Affairs, Geography, History, Sociology, Social Practices);
  • School of Business and Finance (accounting and legislation, economics, management, marketing);
  • School of Communications (cinematography, journalism)
  • Center for Postgraduate Education;
  • School of Chinese Traditional Medicine;
  • Academy of Visual Contemporary Arts.

Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree course can apply for further studies at the Master’s degree. In this case, passing the HSK exam is required.


Hong Kong State Baptist University provides nonresident students with accommodation in comfortable rooms of a study hostel, which is located on campus. The cost of living ranges from $ 750 to $ 1,700 per month, depending on the room. The approximate cost of meals is $ 300 per month.



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