Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學)

About the university

Location: Hong Kong, China

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, or the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is located in the south of China in the port city of Shenzhen, which is one of the country’s most important economic regions. It was opened only four years ago and in such a short time has attracted a record number of students. As of 2018, more than 1000 people study here, who will soon receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree. At the same time, the educational process is organized entirely in English, which is convenient for foreign students who do not know Chinese.

University ranking and benefits

According to the latest polls, the university is included in the list of the hundred best universities in the world and is ranked 44th in the ranking. A significant advantage of the educational institution is that teachers successfully combine the Chinese education system with the classical British scheme. This allows students to internalize key points from the Asian and European approaches to learning.

Other benefits of a university include:

  • Graduates receive the same diploma as students of the headquarters of the university in Hong Kong.
  • It is allowed to enroll in both bachelor’s and master’s and doctoral programs.
  • The university establishes extensive contacts with foreign partners and offers more than two hundred exchange programs.

University composition and infrastructure

The University of Hong Kong is recognized as the leading educational institution in China, and almost thirty thousand people study in the main department of the university. The branch in Shenzhen has not yet reached such a scale, but every year the trend towards an increase in the number of applicants (including foreign ones) is becoming more and more clear.

Several laboratories have been opened on the basis of the university, in which research and innovative technical developments are carried out. So, in 2011, students and teachers of the university managed to create a new method for diagnosing Down syndrome in unborn children, which is realized through blood sampling from a pregnant woman. In order for students to have free access to information, the university opened not only a large library, but also an Independent Study Center.

Admission and tuition fees

The package of documents for admission to the University is submitted in late December – early January and includes:

  • Completed application form (filled online);
  • Motivation letter;
  • Letter of recommendation from the teacher;
  • CV (it describes, among other things, extracurricular activities);
  • Copy of your passport;
  • Certificate with application and final exam results;
  • Transcript of grades for the last three years of high school;
  • Results of SAT Subject Test and SAT Reasoning Test (Section “Critical Reading and Writing” must contain at least 550-600 points).
  • TOEFL iBT (93 points minimum) or IELTS Academic (6.5 points minimum).

The documents are uploaded to the site along with notarized translations into English. If the student’s candidacy is approved, the original papers must be sent to the university by mail.

The cost of training depends on the level at which the student wants to study. Thus, bachelor’s programs cost, on average, $ 15,600 per year, and master’s programs cost $ 6,000 per year.


The university has a developed system of grants and financial support. Foreigners can apply for scholarships in medicine, history and other disciplines, which are awarded annually on a competitive basis. In addition, three types of scholarships are offered to active students:

  • state;
  • university;
  • sponsorship.

Each of these programs requires the fulfillment of certain conditions, one of which is excellent academic performance. More details can be found on the university website

Studying programs

Depending on the level of education, applicants can choose one of the following programs.


  • “Economy”;
  • “Statistics”;
  • “Finance”;
  • Marketing and Communications;
  • “World Economy and Business”;
  • “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics”;
  • “Accounting”;
  • “Informatics and Computer Engineering”;
  • “Electronic Engineering”;
  • “New Energy and Engineering”.

Master’s degree:

  • “Finance”;
  • “Financial design”;
  • “Computer and Information Engineering”.

The list of programs for which foreign citizens can apply is regularly updated, so it is better to follow it on the university website.


The head office of the University in Hong Kong has eight faculties, among which the following training profiles stand out:

  • “Engineering”.
  • “The medicine”.
  • “Law”.
  • “Art”.
  • “Business Administration”.
  • “Pedagogy”.
  • “Social sciencies”.
  • “Natural Sciences”.

The Shenzhen branch operates primarily in business and finance.


International students can live on campus. All rooms are designed for four students. For the convenience of those living on the ground floor, there is a laundry room.

International students who do not want to stay in a hostel can choose a rented apartment or hotel near the campus for accommodation. The University comprehensively supports the guests of the city at the stages of finding housing and further helps newcomers to settle in comfort.

The cost of living, depending on the type chosen, ranges from $ 1200 to $ 2150 per month.


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