City University of Hong Kong (香港城市大學)

About the university

Location: Hong Kong, China

(official name – City University of Hong Kong, in Chinese – 香港 城市 大學, abbreviated – CUHK or simply CityU) refers to public research institutions that offer specialized training in areas of international standard. The university offers training in more than 50 programs that are available to foreign students for undergraduate degrees. CityU successfully develops the talents of its students, which are necessary to further support the economic development of countries.

CityU was founded back in 1970 as the Polytechnic College. Later in 1977, the College was known as the Medical Institute. The institution of a new type appeared only in 1984 and since then has become known all over the world thanks to a productive training program.

University ranking and benefits

CityU, a multidisciplinary university, has high ranking positions not only in China, but also in the world community. Thus, CityU is included in the top 100 universities in the world and is ranked 4th in China. Many students from other countries, including the USA and Canada, try to get into the institution, since international research events that are of great importance in international practice of medical importance are taking place here. According to the World Universitiy Rankings, the university is ranked 15th in the international employer ranking.

University advantages:

  • active participation in international research developments;
  • providing students with scholarships and legislative grants;
  • widespread popularity across disciplines and fields.

The CUHK institution is under the comprehensive support of the state and the Ministry of Education of China. Full funding enables foreign students to receive state scholarships.

University composition and infrastructure

The infrastructure of the university includes such objects as:

  • 4 colleges;
  • 6 schools;
  • Academic complexes 1, 2 and 3;
  • creative media center;
  • 14 lecture halls;
  • research centers with modern medical equipment;
  • a huge medical library, which was included in the ranking of the most significant information institutions in China;
  • the world famous Run Run Shaw Library Center;
  • sports centers and stadiums;
  • hostel and dining room.

Students from 30 countries of the world study at the university, therefore CUHK belongs to international educational institutions of international standard. For foreign students, undergraduate studies are provided in English with the possibility of parallel learning of the Chinese language.

Full composition of the institution:

  • 1,500 teachers of the highest category, including those from Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada;
  • 10,500 students, of which 30% are foreigners;
  • 3,000 students are in correspondence courses.

Thanks to the active participation of CityU in the international student exchange program, more than 700 students every year are sent to study and practice in other countries. The same number comes to CityU from around the world to exchange knowledge and skills.

Admission and tuition fees at CityU

CityU is admitted on a general basis. The student is obliged to provide the admission committee with a Certificate for 11 classes, a medical certificate and an international passport. In this case, the applicant must have a high subject score. Enrollment for a Bachelor’s degree is carried out on the basis of an entrance test, which is carried out after the preparatory courses. The duration of the courses depends on the chosen direction, the general preparation of the student and ranges from 2 to 12 months.

Tuition fees range from 25,000 to 40,000 yuan per year for the Bachelor’s degree. For the Master’s program, the cost will cost 45,000 yuan per year. Doctoral studies – over 45,000 yuan. In addition, there is a mandatory registration fee of 500 RMB, which must be paid by the student when applying.


CityU provides students with high subject scores to benefit from legislative grants. Grants provide significant privileges in preferential education and living in a student hostel. The discount provided can range from 20% to 100% for a full course of study for a Bachelor’s degree. To receive grants, a student must submit in advance each year the relevant documents indicated on the registration form.

Studying programs

CityU University is trained in such areas as:

  • Humanities and Professional Arts;
  • Engineering and modern technologies in the medical field;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Medicine and medical technology;
  • Chinese Medical Practice;
  • Economics and Business;
  • Social Sciences and International Management.

The institution actively supports arriving foreign students, therefore it conducts programs of acquaintance with life on university campuses.


City University of Hong Kong includes the following faculties:

  • College of Business;
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • College of Science and Engineering;
  • Community College;
  • Center for Creative Media;
  • Law school;
  • School of Energy and Technology;
  • School of Veterinary Traditional Medicine;
  • School of specialized, qualified, professional and postgraduate education.

Students who have good academic performance and class attendance are eligible for 3 types of scholarships, namely:

  • full – $ 18,000 per year;
  • preferential – $ 12,800 a year;
  • social – $ 6,400 per year.


Hong Kong City University provides overseas students with on-campus dormitory accommodation. To use the service and book a room, you must submit an application in advance when submitting the entire package of documents. The cost of living is from $ 700 per room.


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