Guizhou University (贵州大学)

About the university

Location: Guiyang, China

State Higher Education Institution Guizhou University is one of the top 100 universities participating in the “211” project. When training specialists, international training standards are used. The university opened its doors to students in 1902. The university is located in the capital of Yunnan province, Guiyang. Yunnan is one of the most unique provinces in the Southwest of China, it is rich in its history, picturesque landscapes, diversity of nationalities with their inimitable traditions and culture.

University ranking and benefits

Guizhou University has been a leader for many years not only among the best universities in China – 132 place, but also in the world – 1472 in the ranking of the best universities in the world. A high level of education is one of the criteria that allows Guizhou University to hold the first positions among the 5% of the most famous universities from year to year.

Also among the advantages of the university are:

  • for foreign students, there are several ways to quickly master the Chinese language;
  • More than 40 educational institutions from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Korea, Japan and other countries from all over the world have been opened for students of Guizhou University as part of the international student exchange, which gives students the opportunity to gain tremendous experience
  • For foreigners studying at Guizhou University, the university administration regularly organizes various events – concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions and others.
  • Guizhou University is an excellent choice for those wishing to study in China, especially those looking to maximize their Chinese language skills as the cost of living and studying in Guiyang is much lower than in the capital or other larger cities, such as Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Composition and infrastructure

Due to the large number of students, and this is more than 45,000 people, including 20-30% of foreigners, Guizhou University is included in the category of large universities. From its opening in 1902 until 2019, the university has awarded diplomas to about 150,000 graduates.

For undergraduate applicants, Guizhou University offers a choice of 112 programs in various fields for 20 faculties. For those wishing to receive postgraduate education, 11 PhD programs, 155 master’s programs, including 6 highly specialized ones, are available.

The total area occupied by Guizhou University is about 4000 hectares, of which the premises for practical training are 90 square meters. The university boasts 81 teaching laboratories. The teaching staff is represented by 2332 highly qualified specialists, including 231 doctors of sciences, 954 masters, 298 professors and 721 associate professors.

Over the past 5 years, Guizhou University has successfully completed 1207 projects in partnership with the National Science Research Foundation in Natural Sciences and the National Social Science Foundation.

The Guizhou University Library has 3.81 million paper copies and 1.6 million resources.

Admission and tuition fees

All those wishing to become students of Guizhou University must reach the age of 18, have in their hands a certificate of secondary complete education (based on 11 classes), a passport, a document confirming the good health of the applicant. It is important to have a translation into English or Chinese of the certificate, a notarized copy of the diploma, in the case of existing professional education. After submitting the application, you must go through the routine procedure for passing the entrance exam, it is mandatory to pass the test of knowledge of the Chinese language.

The academic year lasts from September to May and traditionally consists of two semesters.

Tuition fees range from $ 135 for a short-term language course to $ 3,500 for a year of doctoral studies. In order to clarify the prices for training, you can contact the official address [email protected].


Since the institute belongs to public educational institutions, applicants have the right to apply for a government scholarship. Apply for it with an invitation from the university. The university also offers its own financial support to international students with good academic performance.

Studying programs

For those wishing to learn from scratch or improve the Chinese language, language programs lasting from 2 weeks to 2 years are open, and a summer school is also functioning for 4 weeks annually, which also allows you to get acquainted with the culture and sights of the PRC.

All of the presented training programs are available for students from Kazakhstan: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The system provides for the organization of a continuous learning model.


At all levels of study, the university offers students the study of one of the presented areas:

  • Natural Sciences.
  • The medicine.
  • Agronomy.
  • Economy.
  • Management and administration.
  • Laws.
  • History.
  • Pedagogy.
  • Philosophy.
  • Art.

The total number of educational units at the institute is 39.


For visiting students at the University of Guizhou, 52 dormitories are provided, and for foreigners, separate buildings are provided. The university has created a special department for the management and maintenance of hostels, which carefully monitors the living conditions and the availability of everything necessary for the comfortable stay of students. Payment for accommodation is charged separately, on average $ 500 per month, the cost directly depends on the category of the room.

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