China University of Petroleum (Beijing) 中国石油大学 (北京)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

The capital of China, Beijing, is famous for its many international universities, after graduating from which students can get a job in any country. One of the most successful national universities in Beijing is China University Of Petroleum or China Petroleum University. It is subordinate to the State Ministry of Education of China. It was founded back in 1953, but during the educational process it was reorganized several times to increase the rating.

State China University Of Petroleum (officially China University Of Petroleum) belongs to the national institutions of Beijing, which is in the first tier of accreditation. Every year the institution graduates the world’s best specialists in the petrochemical field. Thanks to an improved high-tech learning process, the university provides qualified training for highly specialized engineers and technical personnel in the oil, chemical and gas industries.

One of the campuses of the university is located in the city of Qingdao on the coast of the Yellow Sea, where mainly foreign students study. With proper study of subjects, international students are awarded the Beijing Government Scholarship. The atmosphere of Qingdao city is conducive to successful education, so foreign students graduate with dignity.

Benefits of Studying at China Petroleum University

The Multidisciplinary China Petroleum University (Beijing) ranks 32nd in the ranking of the best educational institutions in China. The teaching staff of the highest category is constantly working to improve programs and expand disciplines in research areas. Particular attention is paid to the latest technology and ecological energy sources for safe driving technology.

To prepare for successful admission, the Chinese Petroleum University in Beijing provides all foreign students with a library with the necessary literature, access to Internet resources and e-books, not only in Chinese, but also in many other languages ​​of the world. Therefore, knowledge of the Chinese language is not required when entering this multidisciplinary educational institution.

The main advantages of the Higher Chinese Petroleum University (Beijing):

  • close cooperation with leading international communities;
  • more than 80% of projects are developed jointly with oil companies in China;
  • availability of world engineering programs for chemical, oil and gas management.

For the high-quality training of specialists and successful achievements in the field of education, the University Of Petroleum, a higher educational institution of China, is included in the national PROJECT 211, which speaks of state support and productive investment.

The multidisciplinary Peking Petroleum University closely and actively cooperates with more than 90 of the best higher institutions in the world, which testifies to the world level of education. Thanks to this, the institution conducts joint research and development with the National Petroleum Corporation.

Infrastructure of the educational institution

The Comprehensive Petroleum University of China is a well-equipped residential area with a diversified infrastructure for a favorable student learning. Regardless of the direction chosen, each student has access to athletic stadiums, swimming pools, gyms and multipurpose pavilions for an active pastime.

Beijing University of Petroleum includes the following base:

  • 9 institutes;
  • training and educational centers;
  • research centers;
  • national laboratories;
  • research group institutions;
  • mobile research stations;
  • libraries;
  • sport complexes;
  • recreation centers.

In addition to the training base at the university, the International Specialized Sailing Center is located in Qingdao, where students can actively spend their free time. The city is famous for the global production of electronics and mechanical equipment, so foreign students can see firsthand where most of the home appliances are produced.

Admission and Tuition Fees at China Petroleum University

To enter the China University of Petroleum Technology, a school certificate and student identity documents are required. In this case, the age of the applicant must be at least 18 years old. All students of the institution receive qualified medical care during their studies.

The full composition of the university:

  • more than 1,000 highly qualified teachers, of which more than 400 are associate professors and professors;
  • more than 13,000 students, of which more than 500 are foreign students from 30 countries.

The Petroleum University in Beijing provides training in the direction of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. A full undergraduate course of study provides for 4 years, while the cost of training ranges from 15,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, depending on the chosen direction. The cost of a comprehensive master’s degree program is over RMB 30,000. Training is conducted in English or Chinese.

Grants to China Petroleum University

The Comprehensive China University of Petroleum provides students, including international students, with free tuition, free accommodation, insurance, and the right to receive a monthly scholarship in accordance with the IFP profile. Depending on the points in the subjects, students are given a 100% or 50% discount on full tuition for the entire period.

Grants are provided to all students on an automatic basis upon meeting certain requirements of the government agency. With high academic performance, the scholarship is maintained throughout the entire period of study. If a student receives an average score in subjects, namely 65-70 points, he is entitled to certain subsidies that guarantee discounts on accommodation and other expenses.

Studying programs

The Multidisciplinary University of Petroleum in China provides training in such specialties as:


  • chemical and mechanical engineering;
  • science and technology;
  • art and design;
  • business and management;
  • economy;
  • Laws;
  • foreign languages ​​and literature.

Master’s degree

  • economy;
  • business and management;
  • engineering and technology;
  • science and technology;
  • languages ​​and literature;
  • laws;
  • art and design.

Among the graduates of the Petroleum University can be found government officials, specialists in the petrochemical industry and leading figures in the field of oil and gas engineering.


Peking University of Oil and Gas provides students with study programs in the following areas:

  • oil and gas engineering;
  • chemical and gas engineering and the introduction of new technologies;
  • engineering research and use of oil and gas;
  • engineering storage and transportation of petroleum products;
  • research and planning of the extraction of mineral resources;
  • technological development of petrochemical fields;
  • construction of pipelines and other communications;
  • economics and management.

Upon graduation from the Beijing Petroleum University, each graduate receives an internationally established diploma with the right to work in any country in the world in the petrochemical industry.


The Petroleum University of China guarantees students of the initial course compulsory accommodation in a hostel, which is equipped according to the type of hotel. On subsequent courses, at their own discretion, the student can live outside the hostel, renting an apartment in the city.

Students are provided with the following living conditions:

  • one-room rooms (for one person) with furniture, air conditioning, TV;
  • two-room suites (for two people) with furniture, air conditioning, TV in each room.

A separate bathroom is located in each room, the kitchen is shared for several rooms on the floor with the provision of a refrigerator and microwave. The cost of paid accommodation in a hostel ranges from 40 to 100 yuan per day from each student, depending on the building and living conditions.

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