Beijing Information Science & Technology University (北京信息科技大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

BEIJING INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY actively accepts students from all over the world on the basis of 11 classes. The main focus of the university is economics and international trade. The main goal of the institution is to produce highly qualified world-class specialists in the field of applied professions.

When entering this educational institution, knowledge of even the basic Chinese language is not required, unlike English, since all 1st year students undergo compulsory study of it and upon completion of their studies pass an internal exam on a general basis on its knowledge. Those students who pass the language exam perfectly can go on to study in Chinese from the second year, the rest continue their studies in English.

University ranking and benefits

Peking University of Science was awarded the title of Best Higher Institution of Beijing in 2005 and included in the “Project 211”. This means that BEIJING INFORMATION SCIENCE / TECHNOLOGY is included in the “100 best universities in the world segment”, therefore the educational process is funded by the state at all levels and students can receive a scholarship of 20,000 yuan per year.

The main advantages of going to university

  • prestigious education in international economics;
  • the opportunity to get a job in any country;
  • a simplified enrollment program has been developed for foreign students.

When entering the Beijing University of Science and Technology, many students pass on a general basis without entrance exams. For successful admission, it is enough to have a school certificate with a high score and knowledge of basic English.

University composition and infrastructure

Peking University of Technology offers training in 32 highly specialized majors that focus on the study of the global economy and management.

The full composition of the university:

  • more than 1450 teachers and employees, including 15 professors, 34 doctors and 35 associate professors;
  • about 15,000 students, of which more than 1,000 are foreign students.

The infrastructure of the educational institution is versatile and well developed for successful student learning. Every year, reorganization activities are carried out here to improve the quality of learning and the daily life of students.

At the disposal of students:

  • modern campus with well-equipped training centers with high-tech equipment;
  • sports complexes and stadiums located on the territory of the university;
  • huge libraries with necessary books in English, Chinese and other languages ​​of the world;
  • training and educational centers;
  • polyclinic;
  • recreation centers;
  • dormitory and dining room.

In addition to the educational base available to students on the campus, there are many sports sections and activities in Beijing that attract the attention of not only local students, but also foreign ones. During the four years of study, many students successfully master various Chinese martial arts and other sports.

Admission and tuition fees

Successful admission of students is carried out on a general basis, upon reaching the age of 18. You must have a complete secondary education certificate and identity documents of the applicant. Students are admitted on the basis of 11 classes. Registration of all students takes place at the place of stay.

The educational process of the Bachelor’s degree lasts 4 years. In addition to the basic lessons, foreign students are trained in the Chinese language, after which everyone can take the HSK standardized qualification exam. The issued educational certificate allows you to continue studying on an equal basis with Chinese citizens, receive a scholarship, participate in competitions in various fields, and also undergo an internship in China.

Tuition and permanent residence costs range from $ 3,600 to $ 6,100 per year. The final cost depends on the chosen direction, as well as on the availability of promotions and discounts that are provided to foreign students annually.


From their second year of study, successful students can apply for a scholarship of RMB 20,000 per year. Anyone applying can apply to the Beijing Education Committee for a partially funded place, which will significantly reduce tuition and living costs.

Studying programs

The training takes place in an intensive mode, so students have 6 lessons of the main faculty every day. In addition, several lessons are devoted to the study of the Chinese language.

Comprehensive Peking University of Science provides training in such areas as:

  • accounting and financing;
  • modern financial management;
  • enterprise management;
  • management of modern technologies and resources;
  • economics of world market sales.

All successful foreign students are automatically enrolled in the first year of the annual courses in the study of Chinese culture and language. And only from the second year, with the successful passing of the exam, specialized training in the chosen specialty begins.


The training takes place within the framework of the world standard and provides for the following optional narrow-profile specialties:

Bachelor’s (4 years) and Master’s (2 years)

  • accounting and economics;
  • biotechnology;
  • automation and electrical engineering;
  • international trade;
  • foreign languages;
  • modern technologies;
  • automation of mechanical engineering;
  • business administration;
  • design;
  • Informatics;
  • Applied Mathematics;
  • marketing;
  • chemistry and physics.

Every student who has successfully completed the Bachelor’s level can apply for further studies at the Master’s.


On the territory of the Beijing University of Science and Technology, there is a comfortable hostel in which mainly foreign students live. Students are offered excellent hotel-style double rooms. Each room has all the necessary furniture, TV, air conditioning and refrigerator. Shower and toilet are also located in each room. There is a student canteen next to the hostel. For those who like to cook their own food, there is a kitchen with all the necessary kitchen utensils on each floor of the hostel. There are also shared washing machines in the dormitory.

Peking University of Science and Advanced Technology enables students to develop individual analytical skills and abilities through an improved teaching method with hands-on activities, participation in various workshops and the use of modern information technology in the program. This approach to the educational process helps to develop in each student not only creativity, but also making the right decisions in difficult economic situations.


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