Xi’an Shiyou University (西安石油大学)

About the university

Location: Xi’an, China

Xi An Shiyou University accepted its first students in 1951. Until now, the educational institution is recognized as one of the most prestigious in China and specializes in training employees of the oil refining industry.

Among the partners of the institute there are such large companies as:

  • Sinopec Group;
  • CNPC;
  • “CNOOC”.

The university has two campuses, fully equipped for laboratory work and research. The total cost of the equipment is about RMB 281 million.

University ranking and benefits

The Petroleum University is included in a special program of state support, as it prepares specialists for work at municipal enterprises. Every year, many Chinese and foreigners apply, but only those with excellent academic performance are accepted. The university is traditionally included in the lists of the best educational institutions in the world.

The main advantages of studying at the institute:

  • A chance to participate in numerous exchange programs.
  • Training is available in both Chinese and English.
  • A wide range of unique programs that will allow you to find a job in the oil refining industry.
  • A high level of educational services, where theoretical knowledge and practical activity are combined.

It is no coincidence that the university is included in the lists of educational institutions most in demand among foreigners. Its graduates have no problems with employment and have promising and highly paid professions.

Composition and infrastructure

The number of students is 18,700 people, another 15,000 students continue their studies in master’s and doctoral programs. The teaching staff includes 1,500 teachers, of which more than 500 have academic degrees.

On the campus, there are lecture halls, areas for practical classes, research centers. For the convenience of students, a library has been organized, where you can find both specialized literature and materials on general education subjects. The campus also has a gym, a canteen and a cafeteria selling local and European cuisine.

Admission and tuition fees

For admission to the institute, applicants should prepare the following documents:

  • a certificate with an attachment about grades (a notarized translation is required);
  • HSK-4 certificate (when teaching in Chinese).

For programs in English, supporting examination documents are not required, it is enough just to have it at a conversational level.

The price of educational services is:

  • 7000 – 13000 rmb (1090 $ -2020 $) – Chinese language courses (depending on the duration);
  • 7750 rmb semester – 15500 rmb a year (1200 $ -2415 $) – bachelor’s degree in Chinese;
  • 9250 rmb semester – 18500 rmb a year (1440 $ -2880 $) – bachelor’s degree in English;
  • 9250 rmb semester – 18500 rmb year (1440 $ -2880 $) – master’s degree in Chinese.

Registration fee is paid separately.


The university offers international students study under the Chinese Government Scholarship Program. In order to receive financial support from the authorities of the Celestial Empire, you must submit documents through the state portal.

Studying programs

Among the university programs for foreigners, the following stand out:

Level of study Name of specialty
No level
  • Language courses (duration – from 6 months to 2 years).
  • Geology.
  • Petroleum technology.
  • Oil and gas storage and transport technology.
  • Mining technique and work.
  • Resource exploration technology.


Xi’an Petroleum University has 13 separate colleges and 4 faculties. Among the areas of education at the university are the following:

  • Physical education.
  • Humanities.
  • Science.
  • Economy and business.
  • Computer science.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Petroleum Engineering.

All faculties have more than 100 specialties for foreign applicants wishing to study at the bachelor’s and master’s level.


For students from abroad, accommodation is offered in a comfortable hostel. The room accommodates four people. Each room includes two bedrooms and a common living room (with TV and Internet connection), as well as a bathroom on the floor. You can cook in the kitchen. It is also possible the option of double accommodation with its own bathroom.

The price of a room for one person is:

  • Double occupancy with shared shower and toilet: 1500 rmb semester – 3000 rmb a year (233 $ – 467 $).
  • Double occupancy with separate shower and toilet: 2500 rmb semester – 5000 rmb a year ($ 390 – $ 780).
  • Two-room suite with a living room (bathroom for 4 people): 2300 rmb semester – 4600 rmb a year (355 $ – 720 $).

Each room is equipped with the necessary furniture.

During the first year of study, foreigners are required to reside on campus. After that, it is allowed to rent an apartment in the city.

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