Soochow University (蘇州大學)

About the university

Location: Suzhou, China

Suzhou University has been hosting students for over 100 years. During his time he was a teacher training college, an institute for the silk and textile industry, etc. Today it is a multidisciplinary university that is open to work with foreigners and offers both Chinese language training programs and specialties for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies.

University ranking and benefits

The university is one of the forty best universities in the Middle Kingdom (natural sciences are especially prominent) and 5% of the most demanded educational institutions in the world. Also, the Faculty of Chemistry is traditionally ranked 101st in the list of the best on the planet.

The advantages of the institute include the following:

  • A wide range of undergraduate majors, from arts and social sciences to engineering and experimental chemistry.
  • Among the programs, there are several options in English.
  • The opportunity to visit new countries through student exchange.
  • Availability of an active sponsoring program for foreigners.

The Institute is developing in the field of international cooperation and is trying to attract applicants from abroad, doing everything possible for their comfort.

Composition and infrastructure

The institute belongs to large educational institutions. Today, the number of students reaches 45,000, while among them there are both Chinese and residents of other countries. The university also has an overseas campus in Laos, where students can go on an exchange program.

On the territory of Suzhou University, there are several educational buildings, a library, numerous sports facilities (the university has its own football and basketball teams), art halls, dormitories, etc. It is also worth mentioning research centers, on the basis of which scientific research of teachers and their wards is carried out.

Admission and tuition fees

Applicants for admission to a university will need the following documents:

  • Long Term Chinese Program (adults only): Copy of passport (all other valid documents must be with you).
  • Bachelor’s degree: high school graduation certificate with a transcript of grades, HSK-4 certificate (result – at least 180 points).
  • Master’s degree: bachelor’s degree with a transcript of grades, two letters of recommendation from teachers (in English or Chinese), HSK-4 certificate (result – at least 210 points).
  • Master’s degree in English (specialty – “Master of Business”): bachelor’s degree with a transcript of assessments, two letters of recommendation from teachers (in English or Chinese), a certificate of knowledge of the English language.
  • Doctoral studies: Master’s degree with a transcript of grades, two letters of recommendation from teachers (in English or Chinese), HSK-4 certificate (result – at least 210 points).

The cost of training is:

Long Term Chinese Program – 7,500 RMB / 1190 $.

Specialty Bachelor’s Master’s Doctorate
Engineering 11000 rmb (1740$) 16000 rmb (2535$) 19000 rmb (3015$)
Art 9000 rmb (1425$) 14000 rmb (2220$) 16000 rmb (2535$)
Medicine 14000 rmb (2220$) 19000 rmb (3015$) 21000 rmb (3330$)
Medicine (partly in English) 16250 rmb (2575$) 20000 rmb (3170$) 25000 rmb (3960$)

All prices are per semester.

Textbooks, organizational and registration fees are paid separately.


Since studying for a master’s degree is quite expensive, the university offers applicants a government scholarship program. Only those who enroll in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral program can receive a grant. The maximum repayment period is 3-4 years. At the same time, a preliminary course of studying the Chinese language is included in this period.

The grant covers:

  • study program;
  • place in the hostel;
  • the amount for monthly expenses;
  • medical insurance.

Documents are submitted after the application is sent to the university. The necessary scanned papers are attached to the form on the specialized websites of the Government of the PRC.

Studying programs

  • Learning Chinese: Available on both short term (1-2 months) and long term.
  • Bachelor’s degree (4 years).
  • Master’s degree (3 years).
  • Doctorate (3 years).

Those wishing to obtain a bachelor’s level are offered a list of more than a hundred specialties. Master’s and doctoral studies belong to a narrow natural science profile: most areas of research are related to physics, chemistry and engineering. There is a separate program “Master of Business” in English.


More than twenty schools and independent colleges are accountable to the Institute, where students are taught by experienced teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees. The main departments of the university include the following schools:

  • Education.
  • Business.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Railway transport.
  • Physical education and sports.
  • Arts.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Natural sciences.
  • Electronic and Information Engineering.
  • Iron and steel.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the medical college, at which the School of Nursing is open.


Suzhou University offers three types of accommodation for international students:

  • Single.
  • Double.
  • Quadruple.

Each of the rooms has hot and cold water, a private bathroom, air conditioning, heater for winter, TV and Internet connection, refrigerator and electric kettle.

The cost of living ranges from $ 350 to $ 630 per year, depending on the type of room.

A network of canteens and cafeterias has been set up on campus especially for those staying in the hostel. The cost of one hot lunch for students (Chinese cuisine) is only $ 2.


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