Shenzhen University (深圳大学)

About the university

Location: Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen University (international name – Shenzhen Universiry) is one of the most dynamically developing public universities in China. It was opened in 1983 and recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. During this short period of time, the university has managed to achieve a lot and today has become a scientific and educational center known throughout the world.

The main feature of the institute is its versatility. More than 100 areas are being trained here. Much attention is paid to research work, which is carried out in modern scientific centers and laboratories. Also, at present, the university is actively recruiting foreign applicants and has a variety of beneficial offers for them.

University ranking and benefits

Every year, the university takes one of the lines in the ranking of the 100 best universities in China. The main benefits of studying at Shenzhen University include:

  • A wide range of programs at different educational levels.
  • Developed infrastructure and special attention to extracurricular activities of students.
  • Using English as one of the teaching languages.
  • The presence of the largest research center in the south of China, where students are allowed to engage in scientific research.
  • Assistance with employment after graduation.
  • Opportunity to participate in numerous exchange programs.

Shenzhen is one of the most developed cities in southern China, from where you can get to Hong Kong in less than an hour. Here you can personally see how business is developing in the Middle Kingdom and become a participant in numerous cultural international events.

Composition and infrastructure

Today, more than 19,000 people are trained at the university, while 1,500 students are foreigners who came to China from all over the world. The international teaching staff numbers 3,500, including academicians, professors and holders of other scientific degrees.

The infrastructure of the institute is well organized and thought out to the smallest detail. It has everything that students need for their studies and a comfortable daily life. Particular attention is paid to sports activities: on the campus there are grounds with exercise equipment, a stadium, tennis courts, a swimming pool, football and basketball fields, etc.

Admission and tuition fees

For applicants entering Shenzhen University, the following requirements are imposed:

  • Reaching the age of majority.
  • Availability of a school leaving certificate with an attachment of grades (with translation).
  • Availability of the HSK language exam certificate (only for programs where the language of instruction is Chinese).
  • Good health.

You also need to fill out an online application on the university website and pay the registration fee.

The cost of education is:

  • The usual Chinese language study program is 8,800 yuan (about $ 1,500) per semester.
  • Intensive Chinese Language Program – 13,200 Yuan (about $ 2,250) per semester.
  • Undergraduate – 8,800 – 10,100 yuan (about $ 1,500 – $ 1,730) per semester.
  • Master’s degree – 10,100 – 11,500 yuan (about $ 1,730 – $ 1950) per semester.
  • Doctorate – 10,000 – 11,750 yuan (about $ 1,700 – $ 2,000) per semester.

The registration fee of 300 yuan (about $ 50) and the cost of study literature 200 yuan (about $ 35) are paid by the student separately.


Like other public universities in China, Shenzhen University offers several options for financial support for foreigners. This can be a scholarship from the Government of the People’s Republic of China, a grant from the Confucius Institute, or your own university grant. In this case, the amount issued either fully covers the costs of education and living, or covers only part of them.

Detailed information on the options for material assistance is presented on the website of the university, the Government of the PRC and the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Studying programs

Shenzhen University is famous precisely because of the large number of programs for Chinese and international students. Only for applicants for a bachelor’s degree, there are offers in more than 50 specialties.

Applicants from other countries have the following options:

  • Chinese language learning program (6 months to 2 years).
  • Chinese language learning program – “Intensive” (from 6 months to 2 years).
  • Bachelor’s degree (language of instruction – Chinese), duration – 4 years.
  • Master’s degree (languages ​​of instruction – Chinese and English), duration – 3 years.
  • Doctoral studies (languages ​​of instruction – Chinese and English), duration – 3 years.

At each level, students have full access to academic research programs that are led by experienced teachers.


Currently, the university has 27 divisions, which are called “colleges”. Each of them is associated with a specific area of ​​education, including:

  • pedagogy;
  • art;
  • law;
  • foreign languages;
  • mathematics and computer science;
  • physics and technology;
  • chemistry and chemical engineering;
  • programming;
  • civil engineering;
  • life science;
  • the medicine.

Two separate divisions are involved in organizing the educational process for foreign students and those who wish to enroll in refresher courses.


Students from other countries can live in one of two hostels, where they can choose from:

  • Single room – 6500 RMB (about $ 1100) per semester.
  • Double room – 3980 yuan (about $ 680) per semester.

Both types of rooms are equipped with furniture, have their own bathroom, telephone, TV and refrigerator. Also, residents are provided with access to the Internet.

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