Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (上海财经大学)

About the university

Location: Shanghai, China

The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (internationally known as the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, SUFE) has become well-known as a place where you can get quality education in the field of economic activity. Every year, applicants who are interested in business and connect the future with trade relations come here. An excellent institution for those who are primarily interested in practical activities.

University ranking and benefits

This university belongs to the developing educational institutions of China and has not yet ranked first in various ratings. However, learning here has a number of important advantages:

There is a unique system for preparing students for a specialty in the Celestial Empire: not only the language is studied, but also general subjects according to the Chinese method.
The credit system is used, which is rare in the country. Thanks to this, the student can independently determine which subjects he wants to attend.
It is not necessary to take the HSK exam: foreigners are admitted to undergraduate programs on the condition that they confirm their knowledge of Chinese upon arrival.
It is worth mentioning the professional management team, always ready to help applicants and students. You can discuss any issues with them and deal with all the difficulties of admission and adaptation.

Composition and infrastructure

The university has been operating since 1917 and during this time it has occupied a fairly large territory. The four main buildings are located in different areas of Shanghai and give students the opportunity to attend all of the iconic business events regularly held in the city. Currently, about 20,000 students are educated here, but every year there are more and more of them, it is no coincidence that the university is part of the state project “211”.

Special attention is paid to research activities. The employees of the institute are confident that scientific research will help them develop business competently and achieve success in trade. Therefore, the university has opened several research centers in which foreign students can also work.

The Institute also has its own library, where, in addition to ordinary books, there is a lot of electronic literature. For the convenience of students, all departments are interconnected by a local network.

Admission and tuition fees

The following requirements are imposed on those entering the university:

  • age from 18 to 60 years (for language courses), from 18 to 45 years (for all other programs);
  • HSK-3 for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs (if desired, it can be passed already in China);
  • complete minimum school education (for admission to bachelor’s and master’s degrees);
  • normal health.
    To study in English, you need IELTS results (minimum – 6.5) or TOEFL (from 80 points for a paper test or 500 for a computer test).

In this case, the cost of educational services will be as follows:

Program name Payment
Long-term language (1 semester – 1 year)
Business Chinese (1 semester – 1 year)
9000 rmb (1550 $) per semester
Language short-term (1 week or more) 600 rmb ($ 100) per week
Preparatory program (1-2 semesters) 13000 rmb (2240 ​​$) per semester
Undergraduate (3-4 years) 10500 rmb ($ 1810) per semester
Master (2-2.5 years), in English – 2 years 12000 rmb (2060 $) per semester (Chinese), 18000 rmb (3100 $) per semester (English)
Doctorate (3-4 years), in English – 3 years 14000 rmb (2410 $) per semester (Chinese), 22500 rmb (3875 $) per semester (English)

The registration fee, the cost of the necessary documents, a deposit for using the hostel are additionally paid.

Studying programs

Among local programs, foreign students most often choose the following:

  • language courses (both long-term and intensive);
  • preparatory program;
  • business Chinese;
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Languages: Chinese)
  • Master’s degree (languages: Chinese, English);
  • doctoral studies (languages: Chinese, English).


The faculties are dominated by those related to the study of economic processes. After graduating from the university, you can get one of the following specialties:

  • Financial mathematics and finance programs;
  • Marketing;
  • Public finance;
  • Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;
  • World economy;
  • Enterprise management;
  • Organisation management;
  • Investment economics;
  • MBA.

The university attaches particular importance to the study of English, because it is he who is considered the main means of communication in business. A modern and fully technically equipped English Language Center is open at the campus, where you can find everything you need to study.


In total, the university has four campuses, two of which provide space for international students. Upon check-in, you must pay a deposit of 800 yuan ($ 135), which is returned after check-out.

Depending on the type of accommodation, the cost of living can be as follows:

Building Room type Cost per day
Guoding road campus, dorm 7 Two-room (bathroom for two adjacent rooms) 50 yuan (about $ 8) / day
Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus, Dormitory 1
  • Single.
  • Double room
  • Two-room

In all cases, the toilet and shower are equipped in two adjacent rooms

from 60 to 90 yuan (from $ 10 to $ 16) per day for less than 90 days and from 40 to 60 yuan (from $ 7 to $ 10) per day for more than three months
Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus, Dormitory 8
  • Standard
  • Triple room

In all cases, the toilet and shower are shared between two adjacent rooms.

from 40 to 60 yuan (from $ 7 to $ 10) per day for less than 90 days and from 30 to 40 yuan (from $ 5 to $ 7) per day for more than three months


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