Shandong Institute of Business (山东工商学院)

About the university

Location:Yantai, China

Shandong Institute of Business, or 山东工商学院 (SDIBT) is one of the educational institutions in China, where future specialists in the field of economics, trade and international business are trained at the level of higher education. Located in Yantai City (head office), near the seaside. Founded in 1985, today the university is just beginning its path to leadership in the educational services market, but it has already achieved considerable success and has become popular among foreign students.

University ranking and benefits

The Institute is included in several lists of the best universities in China and other countries. So, at the moment it is marked in the lists of “UniPage World University Ranking” and “Webometrics Ranking”. Also, the university ranks 1161 among all educational institutions of this level in the Middle Kingdom.

The main benefits of learning here are:

  • Opportunity to communicate with leading teachers of the country, many of whom have academic degrees;
  • Obtaining a state certificate upon graduation.
  • A chance to engage in cultural dialogue with local students and learn Chinese.
  • Those who want to get some kind of specialty in the future can continue their studies at higher levels.

Until recently, the Institute was a unique educational institution that was under the control of the Ministry of Energy of the PRC. Today it recruits students for more than a hundred specialties and provides educational services to students from different countries.

Composition and infrastructure

In addition to the main faculties, which are located in several buildings (and also operate in numerous branches throughout the Middle Kingdom), the university includes several research centers, laboratories and lecture halls equipped with all the necessary technical means and much more. Much attention is paid to the use of innovations in the educational process. Lectures and classes are regularly held not only with the teachers of the Institute, but also with invited guests, which allows students to get acquainted with professionals and better understand the specialty they are studying.

The campus of this educational institution is sometimes called “flourishing”, and this is no coincidence. The university has a huge territory, completely covered with gardens and other green spaces. At the same time, the university leadership successfully manages such a large area, thanks to which a developed infrastructure has been established here.

The university has its own library and reading room. In addition, students are provided with everything they need to play sports.

Admission and tuition fees

The procedure for submitting documents takes place in several stages:

  1. Filling out the registration form (online).
  2. Transfer of a package of necessary documents (a copy of a passport, a copy of a diploma of education with translation, a certificate of health, a letter of guarantee, a photo, a certificate of no criminal record, if available, the result of an exam for the level of knowledge of the Chinese language).
  3. Tuition payment.
  4. Receiving confirmation from the university.

If any questions arise, the Institute may request additional documents.

Admission to the university is available to adult citizens of other countries.

The cost of training for representatives of other states is approximately as follows:

Program type Cost
Annual Chinese language study program 2,500 yuan ($ 2,155)
Long-term Chinese language study program (1 semester) 6300 yuan ($ 1085)
Short-term Chinese language study program (2 months) 3000 RMB (520 $)
Short Term Chinese Study Program (4 weeks) RMB 1,500 ($ 260)

An additional registration fee of 240 RMB ($ 40) is paid.

Studying programs

For foreign students, the institute offers several options for language programs, including:

  • Long term language program (1 year).
  • Long-term language program (1 semester).
  • Short term language program (2 months).
  • Short term language program (4 weeks).

Each of these programs involves work under the guidance of qualified teachers who have the appropriate certificates, allowing them to work with foreigners and teach them the language.


At the moment, the university has seventeen faculties, among which the leading position is occupied by the direction related to economics and financial activities. A separate training center has been organized for international students, which deals with all issues: from accepting documents from applicants and ending with assistance in adapting to the new conditions of life in China.


Accommodation is available for foreign students in a hostel, where there are two types of rooms:

  • Double room (cost – 36 yuan / $ 6 per day).
  • Single (cost – 60 yuan / $ 10 per day).

Each floor has a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and necessary furniture. Also, for the convenience of residents, a washing machine is installed, a dining room, a recreational area are equipped, and there are several shops on the campus.

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