Renmin University of China (中国人民大学)

The People’s University of China is located in Beijing. It is considered one of the best liberal arts universities in the country. The university was founded in 1937.

Training is conducted in 58 specialties.

The University is actively developing international cooperation with universities in other countries. At the moment, close ties have already been established with more than a hundred universities in 32 countries of the world.

The University often invites famous people from all over the world and China to work as honorary professors.

Foreign students have been studying here since 1951.

The People’s University of China offers training in the following programs:

  1. Full-time education (term – 4 years)
  2. Postgraduate studies (term – 2-3 years)
  3. Study in doctoral studies (term – 3 years)
  4. Preparatory courses
  5. Chinese language courses
  6. Research project
  7. Upon admission, entrance exams are taken (in Chinese).

Detailed information

  • City – Beijing;
  • Location – Its campus is located within the Haidian District parkland, close to two other universities (Beijing and Tsinghua). About ten minutes walk from the famous Summer Palace;
    Founded in 1937;
  • More than 2 thousand teachers teach at the university, 400 of them are professors, there are associate professors, scientific workers and about 1 thousand famous scientists from China;
  • The number of students is almost 30 thousand, of which more than 1 thousand are from 50 countries from different parts of the world;
  • The list of requirements for applicants – from 18 years old, a certificate of secondary education, knowledge of the official language of the country is optional.

Peking People’s University is ranked 21st in the National Ranking of the country. Some of the benefits are:

  • many scientific and cultural ties with 120 foreign universities from 32 fear from all over the world;
  • there is a high-tech training program “Digital RUС”, which helps students quickly get used to and enjoy learning.
    still relatively young and suitable for foreign students.
  • This institution has many research centers and is therefore a member of the China Education Project.

Graduates of this university, especially those with a degree in journalism, law and economics, are highly valued all over the world.

The main directions of “RUС” are scientific research in the humanities and art. If you are interested in studying law or international relations, then entering this university will best affect the level of education received.

Also, studying at this university will delight you with a very high level of knowledge in natural sciences related to the environment and information technology.

The priority of this university is to support the best, talented and young scientists.

For 80 years, since its opening, a very powerful research center in the field of general and humanitarian sciences has been formed on the basis of the educational institution, divided into faculties, as well as a house for students and teachers, the presence of a large number of campuses for living.

Now PNU is a forge of personnel in the above-mentioned fields of science.

The emblem of the university depicts three signs in Chinese, they mean “university for citizens” (folk), “spirit of humanity”, “close attention to the general and human sciences.”

Since the beginning of 2018, RUС has been moving towards improvement, self-development in pursuit of the goal of reaching world leading positions by 2025.

Peking People’s University Tuition Fee

For language training (in yuan) – for 1 semester of the intensive, the cost will be 10,750 units; 1 year – 21.5 thousand units. Teaching a bachelor’s degree in Chinese for a year will cost about 23 thousand units. Master’s degree in Chinese – up to 40 thousand units per year. Master’s degree in international language (English) – up to 60 thousand units per year.
Accommodation (daily payment, in yuan); Single room – up to 100 units per person. Double room – up to 40 units per person.


While studying at the Peking People’s University, successful students are paid a special type of scholarship that covers absolutely all the costs necessary for a comfortable study (with the help of state support for young and promising researchers).

Studying programs

The undergraduate programs are scheduled to start in September or February, annually. The duration is 4 years. An incomplete list of specialties for a bachelor:

  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Religious Studies
  • Finance
  • Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Jurisprudence
  • Diplomacy
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • History
  • Painting
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Archival studies
  • Statistics and two dozen other specialties.

The duration of the Master’s program is 2 years. List of her specialties:

  • Chinese culture and philosophy
  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Laws
  • Chinese folk literature
  • Incomplete list of faculties

Humanities, historical, foreign languages, philosophical, art history, jurisprudence, economics, journalism, computer science, Marxism, trade, pedagogy and many others.


For foreigners, two campuses are specially allocated on the territory of the university. Amenities: shared bathroom, TV, internet, air conditioning, telephone. Accommodation to choose from: single or double.


Official website: (there is an English version)

Fax: 0086-10-6251.5343
E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

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