Qiqihar University (齐齐哈尔大学)

About the university

Location: Qiqihar, China

Official full name – Qiqihar University
The traditional name in Chinese is 齐齐哈尔 大学
Abbreviated – QQHRU

Qiqihar State University is located in northeastern China in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, and is the only provincial, comprehensive higher education institution in the area that is growing rapidly. QQHRU is renowned for its R&D center for advanced flax processing technology.

QQHRU University was established in 1952. Since 1995, the institution has been partly supported by the US government. Thanks to the successful US-China relations, there is an active exchange of students between countries. The United States directly supports tuition costs for low-income students. Such students are provided with a grant with a 100% discount on tuition and long-term accommodation in a student hostel.

University ranking and benefits

QQHRU-University traditionally occupies high ranking positions in the country and is included in the 200 best universities in the PRC. In the world community, the institution is among the 1500 best universities.

The main advantages of QQHRU:

  • participation in the PROJECT 211 program;
  • a joint program with SOS Children’s Villages International;
  • participation in international research in the field of organic biochemistry.

The University pays special attention to the development of the campus culture, holding colorful cultural events. The Qiqihar University Symphony Orchestra enjoys a high reputation, and special performances are often held for all interested students.

University composition and infrastructure

Qiqihar University has highly competitive faculties and a well thought out campus structure. Students have the opportunity to attend 14 distance classrooms, a gymnasium, a stadium, a swimming pool and a music room that are second to none in the province.

Full staff of QQHRU University:

  • 1450 teachers, of which more than 50% are doctors of science and specialists from the United States;
  • about 30,000 students, of which 200 are foreigners and 1439 correspondent students.

QQHRU currently consists of 22 colleges. It also has several teaching and support teaching departments: Computer Center, Networking and Audiovisual Education Center, Department of Social Sciences, Libraries and Hermann Gmeiner’s Vocational School of Technology. There are two key university laboratories on campus, the Fine Chemicals Industry Laboratory and the Agricultural Processing Laboratory, which are significant centers in China. And also 4 research centers for the deep processing of corn, flax and soybeans.

Admission and tuition fees

Enrollment in QQHRU University is carried out on a general basis stipulated by the legislation of the PRC. The institution offers 83 specialties for undergraduate degrees, which include 11 major world-class disciplines. Enrollment in the first year of the Bachelor’s degree is carried out according to a comprehensive score from the last place of study.

The average cost of studying for a Bachelor’s degree varies between 17,000 – 20,000 yuan, for a Master’s degree – in the range of 2,300 – 27,000 yuan per year. In addition, a textbook fee of RMB 700-800 per year is charged. The insurance is priced at 600 yuan.


QQHRU University, with the support of the United States, provides some students with legislative grants that make it possible to qualify for preferential tuition for undergraduate degrees. Low-income students, as well as those who have a high subject score, must provide all the necessary documents confirming this fact.

Studying programs

  • Research of high polymer materials and technologies
  • English language
  • Biosciences
  • Chemical technology and organic technology
  • Light chemical engineering
  • Business Administration Management
  • Applied Biochemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Genetics and Analytical Chemistry


  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Computer and control equipment and engineering
  • Sciences and humanities
  • Life Sciences and Engineering
  • Physical education
  • Foreign languages
  • Economics and Management
  • Light industry and textiles
  • Life Science, Agriculture and Forestry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Communication and electronic engineering
  • Education and communication
  • International exchange


The national institution QQHRU offers all nonresident students accommodation on campus in a comfortable dormitory, which is shaped like an apartment.

There are 4 different prices:

  • 20 RMB per day per person in double occupancy for long term;
  • RMB 22.50 per day per person based on double occupancy per semester;
  • RMB 25 per day per person in double occupancy for one or more days;
  • RMB 32.00 per person per day in a private room.

Long-term students can pay for their places once a year one time or twice at the beginning of each semester.



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