Qingdao University (青岛大学)

About the university

Location: Qingdao, China

Qingdao University is a comprehensive educational institution. It acquired its final composition in 1993, when the city medical and teacher training colleges, the Shandong Textile Institute and, in fact, the university itself were merged. From that moment on, foreign students began to be admitted to the university.

The institute is located in a picturesque place near the coast of the Yellow Sea. The fully forested campus covers 1.7 million square meters. The climate of the city will appeal to everyone who loves the mild weather of the coastal zones.

University ranking and benefits

Qingdao University is just beginning to gain a reputation in international circles. In this regard, it is not yet possible to find it in the lists and ratings. However, best of all, the reviews of graduates from all over the world speak of the high quality of the local education.

The main benefits of studying at a university include:

  • Professional teaching staff.
  • Opportunity to study under scholarship programs.
  • A wide range of specialties for undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Comfortable living conditions.

Since Qingdao University offers education at different levels, from preparatory courses to doctoral studies, it will be a good option for applicants who prefer a continuing education system.

Composition and infrastructure

The university has 4,000 employees and over 32,000 students, including 600 graduates. Among them, 700 foreign students stand out. It employs 2,000 teachers, including one member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 7 other academicians. Lectures are given by many renowned scientists in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, medical science, automation, computer science, textile engineering, international relations, Chinese language and literature and history.

There are parks, recreation areas, sports facilities on the campus. With 3 million books and over 4,700 periodicals, the library is one of the largest in Shandong.

Admission and tuition fees

Applicants entering the university must first prepare a package of documents. Mandatory are:

  • Health certificate (for students whose duration of study is more than 6 months).
  • Higher education diploma with transcript and grades (for bachelors, masters and doctoral students).
  • Passport photos (8 pieces) the same size as in the passport.

An invitation to the institute and other documents required for obtaining a visa are issued by the university after enrolling in the course.

Tuition fee is:

  • Language courses – from 7000 to 14000 yuan (about $ 1200 – $ 2400).
  • Undergraduate – from 18,000 to 30,000 yuan (about $ 3050 – $ 5130) per year.
  • Master’s degree – from 20,500 to 24,600 yuan (about $ 3500 – $ 4200) per year.
  • Doctorate – from 28,000 to 28,800 yuan ($ 4800 – $ 4930) per year.

Additionally, you must pay a registration fee of 400 to 800 yuan (about $ 65 – $ 135).


The Institute offers financial assistance to those applicants who cannot pay for their education on their own. To do this, you must apply for one of the material support programs. The most popular are the scholarships of the Confucius Institute and the Government of the PRC. The methods of obtaining them can be found on the official website of the university.

Studying programs

Since the university was created on the basis of several educational institutions at once, programs related to different areas of professional activity are taught here.

Qingdao University provides an opportunity to get education at such levels as:

  • Language (preparatory) courses that last from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Bachelor’s degree, duration – 4 years.
  • Master’s degree, duration – 3 years.
  • Doctorate, duration 2-3 years.

At each stage, students have the opportunity to engage in scientific activities and work in laboratories and research centers. All experiments and developments are supervised by experienced teachers.


Qingdao University unites several structural divisions. They are associated with specific areas of education, including:

  • literature;
  • foreign languages;
  • art, music and theater;
  • fine arts, painting and sculpture;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • information engineering;
  • programming;
  • chemical engineering;
  • jurisprudence;
  • economy;
  • tourism;
  • pedagogy;
  • the medicine.

The college of Chinese language and culture is especially distinguished, on the basis of which language courses for foreigners are held. While studying there, students get acquainted not only with grammar and hieroglyphics, but also learn the basics of the culture of the Middle Kingdom, thanks to a large number of optional classes.


Qingdao University has three campuses: Central, West and East. International students can live on the campus, where the cost of living is 50 – 130 yuan (about $ 8.5 – $ 22) per person per day.

Each room in residential buildings has the following amenities such as furniture, bathroom, TV, telephone, internet, air conditioning, hot water heater. In addition, shared facilities such as a gym, laundry, kitchen, etc. are provided for students’ use.

Depending on the building, the cost of a hostel ranges from 11,000 to 13,000 yuan (about $ 1,880 – $ 2,200) per person per year.



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