University of International Business and Economics (对外经济贸易大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

located in Beijing (the official full name of the University of International Business and Economics, abbreviated UIBE) is a leading institution of the highest category in the field of national economics, international business and finance. The university became one of the first in China to accept foreign students for Bachelor’s degree, therefore, an excellent educational base in English was formed over a long period of study.

UIBE University was founded back in 1951, and even then took a leading place in China as the best educational institution of economics that produces highly qualified specialists in the category of international relations. Now the university is famous no less, as it is actively developing along with the rapid development of China. Students from all over the world come to receive higher economic education, since the university issues a diploma of the established international standard with the right to work in any state.

The University of International Business and Economics (Beijing) is one of the few educational institutions that has received full government support from the Chinese government, as well as active investment by large economic companies. The prestigious reputation of the university gave the right to the title of the Key Institution of the Ministry of Science and Education of the PRC. The state program aims to successfully promote UIBE in the ranking of the most popular universities in the world.

University ranking and its advantages

Beijing University of Economics UIBE ranks 2nd in the national ranking of the best educational institutions in China. In the world ranking, UIBE consistently ranks 90-100, which indicates a professional educational base for foreign students. UIBE is one of the few universities that offers an interstate student exchange program. This factor enables the student to undergo qualified training in different countries of the world.

The main advantages of the institution:

  • for foreign students, training is carried out in English;
  • the campus is located in a prestigious area in the northeast of Beijing;
  • close cooperation with leading economic companies in China.

For high merits in the field of education, Peking University was awarded the title of a member of Project 211, which speaks of active funding not only from the state, but also from large international companies whose activities are related to the economy, business management and finance.

University composition and infrastructure

Peking University of Economics occupies a small area, therefore it is famous for its cozy compactness, but a powerful educational base for training foreign specialists. The campus is located adjacent to the territory where the Olympic Games were held. Now this territory is a huge sports complex.

Peking University has the following base:

  • 11 separate schools-institutes;
  • 9 unique research centers;
  • huge library;
  • sports complexes and stadium;
  • dormitory and dining room.

The training is carried out by highly qualified teachers from different countries. Particular attention should be paid to the attendance of the subjects, since the student is automatically expelled for absences and is deprived of the right to rotational admission, therefore, discipline in the institution is put above all.

Full composition of the University of Economics:

more than 4,000 teachers of the highest category, of which about 1,000 have the title of professor and associate professor;
more than 500 foreign scientific workers who conduct additional classes;
more than 13,000 students, of which 3,500 are foreign students.
The University offers professional training in 83 Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, as well as Doctorate programs in specialized classes equipped with modern technology, apparatus and equipment.

Admission and tuition fees

Admission to UIBE University is made on a general basis with the provision of a Foundation preparatory course for foreign students. The main purpose of the preparatory program is to increase the level of knowledge in all subjects before entering the 1st year of the Bachelor’s program. The preparatory training takes 1 year and is 22,300 yuan.

For admission to the university, a student must have a Certificate on the basis of 11 classes, which has been translated into English in advance, and an international passport. At the time of admission to the Bachelor’s degree, the student must be 18 full years old. While you can go to preparatory courses at the age of 17.

The cost of the full course of study:

– preparatory program – 22,300 yuan per year of study;

  • Undergraduate studies – 23,200 – 49,800 yuan per year;
  • Master’s degree – 30,500-50,000 yuan per year;
  • Doctorate – 29,500 yuan;

– language courses, in particular Chinese – 9,900 yuan per six months.

After passing the preparatory program and its successful completion, the foreign student is automatically enrolled in the Bachelor’s course. After completing the entire training course, students are issued an established international diploma with the right to work in any country.


International students are always fully eligible for grants that guarantee 100% or 50% discount on university tuition. To do this, you must have a high score in subjects, namely at least 80. Social enrollment is based on the results of the IFP program, which guarantees free training or training at a discount. A primary grant is provided to a student for the first year of study. For subsequent years, students who have a high GPA independently apply for a grant discount.

Studying programs

The Comprehensive University of Economics provides students with specialized training in various specialties. For foreign students, training is provided in English in the following areas:

  • International Economics and Trade;
  • Law and Finance;
  • International Management.

The compulsory curriculum includes such disciplines as:

  • Chinese economic business system
  • Understanding Chinese culture
  • Marketing in China
  • Chinese Business Culture and Consumer Studies
  • Chinese business ethics.

Foreign experts of the highest rank in the field of international relations and business cooperation are involved in the training process.


Bachelor’s degree in English (4 years):

  • Economics and finance;
  • International business and management;
  • International education and social sciences;
  • Law;
  • International politics and cooperation;
  • Foreign languages ​​and literature.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree, students are eligible for further study at the Master’s degree, subject to the availability of an HSK certificate, which indicates the passing of a special exam in the Chinese language. Master’s studies continue only in Chinese, so students have been actively studying Chinese culture and language for 4 years of the Bachelor’s program.


Foreign students are provided with a cozy hostel, which is located on campus. The hostel has single and double rooms with all necessary furniture, TVs and air conditioning. The cost of living is from 35 RMB to 140 RMB per day per student. The price depends on the selected room and the availability of a bathroom, kitchen, balcony.

Peking University of International Business, Finance and Economics welcomes the zeal of international students who wish to join the specialized study program and contribute to the field of international trade and business.


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