Minzu University of China (中央民族大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

MUC (中央 民族 大学) is a Chinese higher education institution. Its history begins in 1941. The campus of the city-type university is located within the boundaries of Beijing.

University ranking. Minzu university, in general, does not leave the top five in the world academic rankings. As the published world university ranking has shown, the advantage is shifting eastward: the best universities in China, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea have significantly improved their indicators. The governments of many Asian countries understand that the future belongs to high-tech research, so they are investing in education.

The order of admission, how much does the training cost. Given that the university has a state status, the university provides students with financial support.

What the university consists of. The Chinese Minzu university is a medium-sized educational institution with a capacity of up to 15 thousand people. Members of the admissions committee at the educational institution are ready to consider applications not only from Chinese citizens, but also from overseas applicants. The academic staff of the represented educational institution includes over one and a half thousand teachers.

The composition of the university infrastructure. The MUC maintains a separate library. Thanks to the university, students can live on its territory. We tend to believe that our own sports facilities and sports equipment on the territory of Minzu university of China are an absolute plus for applicants.

How to proceed?

We organize enrollment in the described higher educational institution, and we control the entire process from start to finish.

How relevant is the information. Currently, the Internet is oversaturated with outdated and irrelevant information, when targeting which applicants often make critical mistakes for successful enrollment. Formal errors can lead to refusal of admission, for example, a completed characteristic or application form with deficiencies. We continuously promote the admission of students to many prestigious educational institutions around the world, so we have the most up-to-date information about all the subtleties related to specific special cases.

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  • we will assist in obtaining a student visa.




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