Hefei University (合肥学院)

About the university

Location: Hefei, China

Hefei University, or Hefei University, is a multidisciplinary higher education institution located in the provincial capital of Anhui. The institute was formed in 1980 after the merger of Hefei United University, Hefei Teachers ‘Training College and Hefei Teachers’ Training School.

Today the institute is developing dynamically and actively recruiting foreigners into the ranks of students. The main mission is considered not only to provide educational services at the highest level, but also to develop practical skills. This facilitates the further employment process for graduates.

University ranking and benefits

The university is just beginning to gain momentum and expand the scope of international cooperation. However, foreign students are attracted by numerous programs (only 40 specialty options are offered for the bachelor’s degree) and Chinese language courses. Traditionally, engineering, natural sciences, economics and management, literature and pedagogy are considered the most developed areas of training.

Other benefits of studying at Hefei University include:

  • Scholarship programs milking all new applicants from abroad.
  • Availability of several exchange programs with German universities.
  • Non-standard organization of the educational process: one semester is completely devoted to writing the final work and independent research.
  • Assistance in finding a job after receiving a diploma: already in the last year of study, students can practice at leading enterprises in the region.

Most international students enjoy studying in Anhui, where they can get acquainted with the traditional way of life of the Chinese people and see the other side of the life of the Middle Kingdom.

Composition and infrastructure

The Institute belongs to medium-sized educational institutions. There are no more than 15,000 people studying here, with whom 900 highly qualified teachers work.

The university has two campuses, where there is everything necessary for students. On the territory there are educational buildings, a stadium and sports grounds, a library and a reading room. The university also has five research centers of various profiles.

Admission and tuition fees

A minimum set of documents is required from applicants, which includes:

  • copy of your passport;
  • HSK exam certificate;
  • two photos;
  • a copy of your high school diploma with a transcript of all grades.

In addition, you must fill out a form on the official website of the educational institution.

The cost of undergraduate study programs is low by international standards and is 5,000 yuan ($ 790) per semester.


The institute is aimed at international cooperation, therefore, it willingly provides scholarships to foreigners. Thus, all applicants receive a guaranteed scholarship of 10,000 yuan ($ 1,580) for the first year of study. In the future, the amount of financial support depends on the academic performance and extracurricular achievements of a particular student.

Studying programs

The most popular are bachelor’s and master’s programs. Each of the faculties has several specialties, which accept foreign applicants. More details are provided in the table below.

Undergraduate Master
Bioengineering International Economics and Finance
Nutrition Science and Technology Architecture
Chemical Engineering and Technology Transport Engineering
Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering Animation
Informatics and Computer Technology Art and Technology
Design, production and automation of mechanical engineering Primary school pedagogy
Chinese Language and Literature Preschool Pedagogy
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language English / German / Japanese / Korean
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Tourism Management
Automation Accounting
Electronic Information Engineering Logistics

A complete list of programs can be found on the website of the educational institution.


Currently, the university has 16 faculties. Among them, the following areas stand out:

  • management;
  • tourism;
  • economy;
  • pedagogy;
  • Chinese language and literature;
  • mathematics and physics;
  • architectural engineering;
  • chemical engineering.

For applicants from abroad, special inter-faculty programs have been developed that allow students to receive a comprehensive education.


The Institute has a hostel for students from other countries. The average cost of living in Hefei ranges from $ 410 to $ 820 per month, taking into account daily costs. At the same time, the price of a dorm room is 6,000 yuan ($ 950) per semester.

Rooms with two superior bedrooms are specially equipped for foreign students. The apartments come with a fully equipped shared kitchen. There are also six food outlets on campus offering traditional meals to those who cannot cook on their own.

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