Dalian University of Technology (大连理工大学)

About the university

Location: Dalian, China

Dalian Polytechnic University is considered one of the best public universities in China. The university has a very strong educational base of technological and natural sciences. In addition, they teach here in other equally important specialties.

The University is successfully developing cooperation with higher educational institutions from different countries. To date, scientific exchanges are carried out with more than 100 universities from more than 20 countries.

Let’s just say about the main curricula of Dalian Polytechnic University:

– Chinese language courses (from two to 6 weeks)
– undergraduate
– postgraduate studies
– doctoral studies
– refresher courses

Other description

Dalian University of Technology began educational activities in 1949. The active period of development of the university fell on the 1960s, when it took a leading position in the country in the field of training specialists in mechanical engineering. This industry remains specialized to this day.

Over the past few decades, new directions have been opened on the basis of the educational institution, in particular, of the humanitarian and natural science type. At the same time, the classic Asian approach to teaching is preserved, students receive a lot of knowledge in specialized subjects, supported by practical experience.

University ranking and benefits

The university has always stood out for the high level of training of its graduates. Today it occupies a leading position in the educational market in China. Every year the institute receives state awards for its contribution to the development of national education.

Among the main advantages of learning here are:

  • A large number of specialties and training profiles.
  • Availability of international exchange programs.
  • A well-developed scientific school that conducts regular laboratory experiments based on local research centers.

The department for work with foreign applicants has been functioning for more than twenty years, and the university has experience working with students from more than a hundred countries of the world.

Composition and infrastructure

Dalian University of Technology includes nineteen scientific schools that train students in more than one hundred profile areas.

The Chinese authorities emphasize the importance of the university and officially support educational work in 21 specialties that are recognized as state-significant. Students who belong to these faculties, after receiving a diploma, are provided with additional assistance in finding employment.

On campus, there are buildings where students listen to lectures and participate in practical exercises. On the basis of the scientific center, research activities are organized under the supervision of experienced teachers. Students have access to an extensive library and all sports facilities.


The university is under the Ministry of Education of China and has government funding for international students. The scholarship is issued on a competitive basis; documents must be submitted for it in parallel with admission to the university. More information is available on the website of the PRC Government.

Studying programs

The university offers Kazakh students training at various levels:

  • bachelor’s degree;
  • magistracy;
  • doctoral studies.

The institute also runs Chinese language courses. They can be considered as a preparatory stage for further admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and as an independent course. More details on the list of areas of training can be found on the official website of the educational institution.


The university includes several scientific schools. Each year, their participants present technical inventions that are highly regarded in China and abroad and receive international awards.

Among the most popular areas of study are the following:

  • Mechanics.
  • Maths.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Chemical engineering.
  • Civil engineering.

Programs for each of the listed profiles are available, including, to international students.


The university has a campus where the dormitories are located. International students can live on campus and use its infrastructure (sports grounds, kitchen, laundry, etc.). The institute also has its own hotel.


PRC, Dalian, Dalian Polytechnic University, School of International Cultural Exchange.
Tel: (86) -411-84708897

Official site: dlut.edu.cn (English version available)

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