Central University of Finance and Economics (中央财经大学)

About the university

Location: Beijing, China

Central University of Finance & Economics accepted the first students in 1949. It is based in Beijing and trains professionals in the field of business and trade.

Today the university is considered one of the most developing educational institutions in the capital. He is part of the “core disciplines” development group under government control. International relations are actively being established all over the world.

University ranking and benefits

In 2017, the institute received the award as the best university in the field of economics and finance. It is regularly included in the lists of the best educational institutions in Asia and the planet.

The benefits of a local education include:

  • A chance to get a rare economic specialty that is not available in other universities.
  • Opportunity to participate in student exchange programs.
  • Personal participation in active practice at the largest enterprises in China.
  • Disciplines are taught in both Chinese and English.
  • The experience of living and studying in the capital of the Middle Kingdom, which is especially important for those who enrolled in the Chinese language courses.

The university offers diverse programs at different levels, among which there are suitable for school graduates, and for independent researchers and simply for connoisseurs of Chinese culture.

Composition and infrastructure

The number of active students of the institute is about 20,000 people, while among them there are both Chinese and foreigners. More than 1000 teachers work with students, including holders of an academic degree.

Comfortable conditions for learning have been created on the territory of the university. It is allowed to use the library, electronic resources, gym, canteen, etc.

The institute also has branches throughout China and several research centers.

Admission and tuition fees

Admission to the university is based on exam results. All documents are submitted online along with the corresponding application presented on the website of the educational institution. Those who have chosen Chinese as the main language of the institute are required to provide additional HSK-5 results.

The cost of educational services depends on the level of education and the language in which the course is taught:

  • Language program – 8800 rmb / 1420 $ per semester.
  • Undergraduate (Chinese) – 22000 rmb / 3550 $ per year.
  • Master’s degree (Chinese) – 26000 rmb / 4190 $ per year.
  • Master’s degree (English) – 30,000 rmb / 4830 $ per year.
  • MBA – 64000 rmb / $ 10300 per year.
  • Doctorate (Chinese) – 30,000 rmb / 4830 $ per year.
  • Doctorate (English) – 38000 rmb / 6130 $ per year.

Registration fee, campus accommodation and meals, health insurance, etc. are paid separately.


The university belongs to state educational institutions and gives applicants the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Government of the PRC. It fully or partially covers the cost of training and is issued on a competitive basis.

Also, the university has its own scholarship program, details of which can be found on the official website. It represents support for young talents from different regions of the world and covers the cost of education. According to statistics, almost 90% of applicants receive a positive response to a request for material assistance.

Studying programs

Among the short-term programs, according to the results of which a certificate is issued, stand out:

  • business and Chinese culture;
  • Chinese.

In addition to the educational program, all participants are offered a cultural program.

The institute’s language courses include Standard Course and Business Chinese. Of particular interest is the integrated program, which provides parallel training in the language and the basics of doing business.

A variety of courses are offered to applicants applying for a bachelor’s degree, including:

  • “Accounting”.
  • “Finance”.
  • “World economy”.
  • “Labor Economics”.

Master’s programs are held in the areas of “Logic”, “Regional Economics”, “Insurance”, “Statistics”, “Electronic Commerce”, etc. The MBA program is worth mentioning separately.


A variety of disciplines are taught at the Central University of Finance and Economics, including those that are considered particularly important by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Beijing Government. Including:

  • statistics;
  • political economy;
  • Chinese Marxism;
  • management of a multinational company;
  • Accounting;
  • finance;
  • government economics and management;
  • labor economy;
  • regional economy.

Each of the faculties has its own research base, which continues to grow, thanks to the academic collaboration of teachers and students.


Foreigners are offered comfortable dormitories for living, which are a five-minute walk from the educational buildings. All rooms are fully equipped for student life. Accommodation rates range from RMB 600 ($ 95) to RMB 2,400 ($ 385) per month, depending on the number of people in the room and conditions. A limited number of single rooms are available, which are best booked in advance.

Those wishing to live outside the campus can rent a room or apartment in the city, but in the capital it will cost much more.



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