Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学)

Peking University of Foreign Languages ​​(Bei Wai) was founded in 1941. The university has 11 institutes (among them the Institute of English, the Institute of the Russian Language, the Institute of International Trade, the Institute of International Exchange, the Institute for Advanced Studies, the Institute for the Study of Foreign Languages), 10 faculties (among them the Faculty of the German Language, the Faculty of the French Language, the Faculty of the Japanese Language , Faculty of Spanish, Faculty of Arabic, Faculty of Asian and African Languages) and Departments (Department of Social Sciences, Department of Sports).

At the Beijing University of Foreign Languages, you can get one of 44 specialties (bachelor’s degree) or one of 35 specialties (master’s degree). The doctoral degree is awarded in 9 areas.

Peking University of Foreign Languages ​​is actively pursuing a program of international scientific cooperation and exchange.

Detailed information

National Specialized Peking University of Foreign Languages ​​(officially called Beijing Foreign Studies University) is the best linguistic educational institution for foreign student admission. The University is actively pursuing a program of international scientific and educational cooperation, which gives it the right to be called an international institution specializing in qualified world-class language education.

Peking State University was founded in 1941 and to this day periodically reorganizes the educational process to improve the ranking. In the learning process, modern methods of presenting material to students are involved so that graduates have a high level of knowledge and skills.

The university offers training in almost all languages ​​of the world. This is the most comprehensive educational institution where not only English and Chinese are taught, but also languages ​​such as Hindi (India), Danish, Albanian, Serbian, Norwegian and many others. In total, there are 67 language directions, which automatically makes the university the most popular among many countries in the world.

University ranking and benefits

Peking State Linguistic University is consistently ranked 60-70 in the ranking of the best linguistic institutions in the world and 2nd in Beijing. Due to the high level of organization of the educational process and the release of qualified specialists, the university is included in the large-scale PROJECT 211 and 985, which indicates state support and productive investment by various companies.

The main advantages of the University of Languages:

  • active cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • a large selection of specialties;
  • with a grant, you can get a 100% discount on full training.
  • Peking University of Languages, or as it is also called Bei Wai, is famous for its high number of graduates who later
  • took positions such as ambassadors, advisers and specialists in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The
  • Multidisciplinary University of Beijing cooperates with more than 100 of the world’s best linguistic and humanities
  • educational institutions. Therefore, after completing the course of study, graduates can choose any country to build their successful career.

University composition and infrastructure

The university occupies a fairly large area, namely 310,000 square meters, therefore it has a well-developed infrastructure for successful student learning. In addition, the campus is located in an area where Beijing’s most prestigious educational institutions are concentrated. Nearby is the metro, restaurants, cafes and many shops.

Beijing Linguistic University includes the following base:

  • 13 separate institutes-faculties;
  • 7 large academic centers;
  • more than 10 research centers;
  • libraries;
  • sports centers, stadiums, playgrounds;
  • recreation centers;
  • Dormitory;
  • dining room.

During the course, students are actively involved in the learning process, therefore they very often visit large organizations in Beijing and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself. In their free time, students can attend various sports sections that are located in the city, and other cultural events.

Admission and tuition fees

For successful admission to the Beijing Linguistic University, it is enough to have a Certificate, which indicates the completion of 11 classes and an international passport. At the time of admission, the student must be over 18 years old.

The full composition of the university:

  • 650 teachers of the highest category, of which more than 300 associate professors and professors;
  • more than 120 foreign experts and teachers come annually;
  • 7,200 students, of which more than 900 are foreign students.

Peking University of Foreign Languages ​​provides specialized training in the direction of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The full Bachelor’s course of study provides for 4 years, while training can take place in Chinese and in English.

The cost of training depends on the direction chosen by the student and is:

  • in Chinese, from 22,000 to 35,000 yuan per year;
  • in English about 34,000 – 35,000 RMB per year.

In addition, the university provides short-term language courses of 6-12 months, the cost of which ranges from 11,000 yuan. The comprehensive training program includes the study of all aspects of the language.


For international students, Beijing BFSU University provides free tuition and accommodation. That is, each student has the right to receive a 100% discount on tuition already in the first year. To receive the discount, the student must have a high score in the subjects, and also contact the Beijing Education Committee to apply. The rest of the students must pay the required fee already upon registration at the institution, that is, before the start of the academic semester. The registration fee is 400 RMB one time.

Studying programs

Peking Linguistic University provides students with qualified training in Chinese and English in such areas as:

  • foreign languages;
  • literature;
  • politics and economics;
  • laws;
  • business and management.

Before starting the specialized first course, each student must complete a language course that takes 1 or 2 semesters. To pass, you must submit an application for participation in advance, that is, before the start of the autumn or spring semester.


Linguistic University BFSU in Beijing BayWai provides bilingual education. In the event that foreign students wish to study in Chinese, they must pass the HSK standardized qualification special exam with the assignment of qualification level 3 and above. This means that the student must know at least 600 commonly used Chinese words and be able to communicate at a basic level.

The training includes the following optional specialties:

Bachelor’s (4 years) and Master’s (1-2 years)

  • foreign languages ​​and literature;
  • applied linguistics;
  • diplomacy;
  • Information Systems;
  • international politics, economics and finance;
  • international trade, business and management;
  • Laws;
  • international administration;
  • Accounting;
  • Social sciencies.

A student who successfully passes exams at the Bachelor’s degree can apply for further studies at the Master’s degree, which is from 1 to 2 years, depending on the chosen direction.


Peking University provides accommodation on campus in comfortable hostels. All rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, air conditioners, TVs and other household items. The student can choose a room with its own bathroom or located on the floor. There are also superior rooms, which additionally include a bathroom, kitchen, living room. The cost of such rooms is 180-220 yuan per person per night.

Before the start of the educational process, the student must submit an appropriate application for room reservation in advance. After enrolling in the university, each student is issued a card, which indicates the room number. The ChinaStudy company will help in solving any issues related to successful admission and study at prestigious universities in China.


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